Megan Wilson is employee of the month
It didn’t take long for the St. Mary’s Hospital Customer Service Team to decide on naming Megan Wilson as the DecemberMegan Wilson is the December Employee of the Month for St. Mary’s Hospital. Photo provided by Cheri Holthaus. Employee of the Month.  Part of her nomination form stated, “Megan is a perfect example of a great provider. You only have to see Megan once as a patient to know that she is totally dedicated to her job and loves it very much.  She truly takes the time you need to fully understand your symptoms, explain your diagnosis and will follow up with outstanding results. As a co-worker Megan’s upbeat personality makes her an absolute pleasure to work with.”  These are statements the Customer Service Team fully agreed with.
Wilson has a Doctorate of Nursing Practice, and is board certified as a Family and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.  She received both her Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Idaho State University, her Nurse Practitioner from University of Missouri and Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Duquesne University in Pittsburg.
Wilson began her career with St. Mary’s in 2005; she treats acute care patients at all the St. Mary’s Clinics and covers the various clinics when one of the providers is on vacation.
When not working at one of the clinics; Megan is kept busy hunting, fishing, snowmobiling water skiing, gardening, doing crafts and participating in Triathlons.  You can also see her on a regular basis working out at the fitness center.
“I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work for such a wonderful place with truly special people,” commented Wilson.  “When I am at work I am with my second family, I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many caring and thoughtful individuals.  I am especially thankful for Rosemary Agee who has been my nurse for the past 8 years; she simplifies my life and looks out for the best interest of myself and the patients we serve.  The other providers are also a huge wealth of knowledge, extremely supportive, and I feel without them, St. Mary’s would not be the distinguished facility it is today.  I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the facility for their help, support and dedication.”

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