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Merry Christmas everyone.
Only a few days left to prepare for Christmas so Santa can make his yearly debut. Perhaps not as large as in the past, rumors have it the parade was great once again. Congratulations to the Chamber for making it happen and to those who participated in the parade. A lot of hours are spent in preparing for such an event. Of course spectators are needed to cheer them on with appreciation for all the hard work. The weather could have been a tad bit warmer but Santa’s visit made it all worthwhile. 
That’s what Christmas is all about and how fond memories are created here on the prairie. 
New arrivals at the Library for the younger set include Karen Kingsbury “Let‘s have a Daddy Day;” There are forts to build, tadpoles to catch, and baseball games to play. How about a good floor wrestle with Dad that ends in a big belly laugh? Daddy Days can happen anytime--because what Dad loves best of all is just spending time with his little ones. So, what is a Mommy Date? The book “Lets go on a Mommy date“ is a playful, rhyming story describing some of the best. The zoo, circus, park, animal farm, or movie theatre. But in the end, spending time together is what a mommy date is all about, whether it’s a fun outing, or simply snuggling down to read about such adventures together!
Karen Kingsbury has been writing books since she was five years old, when she split her time between making up stories and catching tadpoles in the backyard creek. Today, she and her husband live in Washington State with their one daughter and five sons. America sees her as its favorite inspirational novelist, but her family knows the truth. She still splits her time between writing stories and catching tadpoles.
The Illustrator, Dan Andreasen lives in Ohio with his wife and three children. He has illustrated more than thirty picture books. When his daughter was asked by her first grade teacher, ”What kind of work does your daddy do?” she replied, “He colors.”
Karen Kingsbury’s newest adult publication, “Sunrise“ is the first book in her new series and picks up where her bestselling Redemption series left off.
Dayne and Katy are getting ready for their long-awaited wedding day, and they’re determined to keep the ceremony secret from the paparazzi. Their relationship thrives as they plan together…but they discover they’ll need lots of help from the Baxter family and the kids from the Christian Kids Theater Group if they have even a slim chance of a private wedding.
The Library will be open Thursday, Dec. 20 and then closed Dec. 21-Jan. 2 due to a shortage of volunteers. It will reopen on Thursday, Jan. 3. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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