Youth Ministry events for January
Dear Youth,
The Light of the World has entered the world.  We are called to rejoice and be imitators of the light.  As this New Year begins we ask you to reflect on your call to discipleships as a young person within the body of Christ.  It is in this reflection that we invite you to join us in our youth activities during the month of January.  Through prayer, socials, fundraisers, small group, learning, training, and sharing you will be given the opportunity to grow in awareness of who you are as a “light shinning in the dark”.
The month begins with an opportunity to slow down and soak in the greatness of the Christmas season through participating in an hour of prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  Adoration begins on January 4th at 10:00 p.m. at St. Mary’s and everyone; young and old is invited to attend.  On January 6th the Confirmation youth will continue their journey of learning through continuing our focus on Jesus as “Teacher”.  The class will be at the High School PFFP building at 7:00 p.m.  Please bring your journals and assignments.  The small group Bible study will continue their study of the Book of Samuel on Jan. 7th at Debbie’s office.  We will start the night at 6:30 with pizza and begin our study at 7:00 p.m.  Our session will begin with 1 Samuel 25. We look forward to joining together as a small group to share in God’s Word.  The Haiti mission team 2016 will meet at the OMG at 7:00 on Jan 9th to plan the Super Bowl Chili and Cinnamon roll delivery fundraiser.  We will be selling cinnamon rolls and chili on Super Bowl Sunday so please watch the bulletin for details and prices as the time approaches.  Thanks for your support.  
The High School Girls Book Club will resume on Jan 15 at 3:30 at Jitters.  Please read chapter 4 and be ready to discuss.  Our themed movie night will be on Jan. 16th at the OMG @ 7:00 p.m.  We will be watching the Smurfs so guess what?  You are asked to show up as a little blue person. Let’s have a smurffy evening as we enjoy our time together. A prize will be awarded for the best Smurf outfit.  All Jr. High and High School youth are invited.  Those who have been chosen for the “God Squad” (High School leadership team for ICYC) will be meeting in Moscow at the St. Augustine’s Center at 6:30 p.m. to begin training for the Diocesan youth event.  We will spend the night and will return on Saturday afternoon.  Please watch the bulletin for more details.
The REACH leadership team will meet at the OMG at 5:30 p.m. to set up for the evening.  Praise and Worship will begin at 6:30 and the faith session will start at 7:00 p.m. All High School and Jr. High youth are invited and encouraged to attend this monthly gathering.  
The Confirmation class will meet at the High School PFFP building at 7:00 p.m. to continue our study of faith.  Our focus will be “Jesus Revealed”.  Please bring your journals and assignments.  Our small group Bible study will continue in the Book of Samuel on Jan. 28th in Debbie’s office.  We will have pizza at 6:30 p.m. and begin our session at 7:00. All High School youth are invited.  Our social for the month is on Jan. 30th at the OMG at 7:00 p.m.. We will have a game night.  Please bring your favorite games.  Pop will be provided, bring your favorite snack!  
The greatest thing about a new year is that we are challenged to consciously make changes in our lives to help us live better and be better versions of ourselves, as God meant us to be. So here’s your opportunity, why not let your light shine in 2013? Happy New Year to all!
With a Rejoicing Spirit,
 Debbie Chicane
Please note:  The Middle School Rally for Jr. High youth is on Feb. 2nd at Coeur d’Alene.  Information for this event will be available from the Church office or the Release time teachers by Jan. 12th or by calling me at 208-553-5837.  
ICYC forms will be going out the second week in January.  I will have them available at the Parish office, the OMG room, High School Release Time.  They must be filled out and retuned to me by January 31st.  The cost for the event and bus is $100.00 per person.  I am praying for scholarship availability!

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