10-week shoot starts
The Camas Prairie Trapshoot 10-week shoot opened Sunday, January 13 with 34 shooters and cloudy and cold conditions with light snow at the Cottonwood Gun Club.
Cottonwood’s team scored a 66.0 and the junior team scored a 59.
Top score was a 23 by Darrell Uhlorn with Brandon Poxleitner and Jake Rowland scoring 22 each and Danial Woolford and Glenn Remacle scoring 21 each. Top junior scores were 22 by Rowland, 19 by Frank Spencer and 18 each by Kami Sickels and Phillip Spencer.
AA Class - Derek Schaeffer-20, Lowell Mader-18, Jim Ewing-21, Scott Jungert-20, Jake Rowland-22 
A Class - Roger Kaschmitter-14, Andy Harman-19, Darrel Uhlorn-23, Brandon Poxleitner-22 
B Class - JR McAfee-20, Shane Poxleitner-18, Butch Spencer-19, Mitch Jungert-17, Bob Lustig-16, Jean Spencer-17 
C Class - Kevin Kaschmitter-16, Jeff North-20, Frank Spencer-19, Debby O'Neill-19 
D Class - Randy Thompson-14, Derek Arnzen-10, Philip Spencer-18, Matt Jungert-6, Amanda Kaschmitter-14, Jackie Poxleitner-17, Kami Sickels-18, Frank Thompson-6, Peter Reinert-8, Danial Woolford-21, Glen Remacle-21, Lynn Johnson-19, Garrett Schmidt-17, Kevin Schmidt-10, Lane Remacle-9 
Handicap: Roger Kaschmitter-12, JR McAfee-16, Amanda Kaschmitter-10, Peter Reinert-7, Derek Arnzen-8, Andy Harman-14, Kevin Kaschmitter-8, Kami Sickels-10, Lowell Mader-16, Darrel Uhlorn-16, Butch Spencer-18, Philip Spencer-10, Mitch Jungert-9, Frank Spencer-18, Jean Spencer-17, Shane Poxleitner-17, Jake Rowland-17, Derek Schaeffer-16, Brandon Poxleitner-21, Jackie Poxleitner-17, Danial Woolford-16, Debby O'Neill-17, Jeff North-14, Bob Lustig-14 
Doubles: Shane Poxleitner-32, Brandon Poxleitner-34, Kevin Kaschmitter-14, Jake Rowland-33 
Continentals: Jeff North-17, Jake Rowland-25, Glen Remacle-16, Shane Poxleitner-16, Garrett Schmidt-10

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