Optional Opportunities available at Prairie High School
Increasingly, students attending Prairie High School are taking advantage of options available through Dual Credit offerings, the Region II Professional Technical Academy, IDLA and Tech Prep.  Students are taking advantage of college credited courses while still in high school as well as opportunities made available in the academy for certifications.  
Dual Credit
Fall 2012 Prairie High School students enrolled in 5 dual credit courses offered in our high school.  US Government (POLS 101), US History (HIST 112), Economics (ECON 101) Natural Science (NS 150), Speech (COMM 204)
Fifty six students enrolled in dual credit courses earning 339 credits.  
Students are enrolling in spring semester courses and have a two week window to sign up for dual credits.  Courses available for dual credit in the spring; Advanced Biology (BIOL175) 4 credits; Intro to Psychology (PSYCH101) 3 credits; Math 147 (MATH147) 5 credits; Math 137 (MATH137); Statistical Methods (MATH254), Survey of Art (ART100) 3 credits.
Dual credit teachers must be approved by LCSC as dual credit partners.  Patty Hinkelman, Travis Mader, Sonesa Lundmark, Liz McLeod, Darbie Duclos are dual credit teachers.
Students who need an option outside of the regular schedule are taking advantage of IDLA (Idaho Digital Learning Academy).  IDLA is on online option providing courses for high school credit and some with  dual credit opportunities.  
Twenty two  (22) students from Prairie High School and Summit Academy enrolled in various courses including:  Keyboarding, Macroeconomics, French 1 and II, German, Intro to Law and Justice, Digital Photography, Physical Science, English III, Algebra I, English I. 
 Students take IDLA course work in a lab setting with a lab open 7 periods a day.  Laurie Workman monitors students as they progress through the material and finish the courses.  Students take courses for enrichment and some for credit recovery.  
Region II Professional Technical Academy
Cottonwood School District is the fiscal agent for the Region II Professional Technical Academy.  The Academy is an online school with courses in:  Fundamentals of Health Professions, (FHP) Medical Terminology, Physical Therapy Aide, Health Unit Clerk and Pharmacy Technician.  Nursing Assistant is a skills course offered spring semester only.  
Students from twenty-two (22) high schools throughout the state are enrolled in these courses.  Fall enrollment numbers show 252 students taking advantage of the medical online courses through the academy.  
Prairie High School enrolled 30 students in the fall and has a current spring enrollment of 48.
FHP and Medical Terminology are the prerequisites that must be passed with 80% or better to qualify to take a clinical course.  Clinical courses include:  Nursing Assistant, Physical Therapy Aide, Pharmacy Technician and Health Unit Clerk.  Each clinical course contains online coursework with clinical components (done outside of school time).  Most clinical courses require at least 40 hours of clinical, which are completed at a designated health care facility.  Once the student completes their clinical course they are eligible to sit for a state and/or national exam to earn their certification.
Tech Prep Credit
A number of courses offered at Prairie High School are taken for Tech Prep credit through LCSC.  The credit is transcripted free of charge.    Courses include:  Fundamental of Health, Career Exploration, Accounting, Applied Math, and Medical Terminology.  These courses are often used as elective college credits.  During the fall semester Fifty-five (55) Prairie High School students took advantage of this opportunity.
Cassidy Stubbers.
Student testimonial
“I will have earned 27 college credits by the time I graduate from high school” says Cassidy Stubbers.  “What sets Cassidy apart is that the dual credits are important enough to her that she is paying for them all by herself” says counselor Lydia Deiss. “She earns money babysitting, waitressing, and counting inventory. “
“I feel that it’s so important  to take the college credits while in high school because it is so much cheaper here, I don’t have to pay for books, class sizes are smaller, and I receive more one-on-one help from my teachers”  says Cassidy.   “Dual credit classes are more difficult but the teachers know you personally and are always ready to help you succeed.”
Cassidy strongly recommends that students take the dual credit classes and feels they help ‘jump start’ your career.

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