Notes from City Hall
We aren’t even half way through the winter and the rumor mill seems to be in full production.  The predominant rumor that I’ve been hearing and seems to have a lot of people stirred up involves our Chief of Police.  Let me assure you that Terry did NOT have to resign the end of the year, is NOT under some contract that has expired, is NOT under some disciplinary action or investigation, nor has there been ANY discussion concerning Terry, either in public or in private by the City Council.
Terry Cochran, as with ALL of the City’s employees, is a highly reliable, highly valued servant of the citizens of this community.  And like ALL of the City’s employees, Terry is a highly valued professional at what he does.  And, make no mistake, he works for the City of Cottonwood and not the County Sheriff’s department and is under the full command and control of the Mayor and City Council.
Wes Walters is also a patrolman for the City of Cottonwood under the direction of Chief Cochran.  His main employer is the City of Grangeville but he patrols for us part time under our employ when it fits with his schedule in Grangeville.  And not to worry-Terry still gets his 50+ hours in per week as well.
If there are any further questions or concerns regarding this topic, please feel free to contact me directly.
Denis B. Duman, Mayor
Cottonwood City Council


Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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