Prize winners are named
Holy Cross/ St. Mary’s Dinner was a wonderful meal; although, the numbers were down a little, served only about 450.
Some years we have served over 700.
Winners of the Raffle prizes:  (donor first then the winner)
$100 donated by Seubert Excavators—Father Paul Wander
$100 donated by Harman Agency, Gordon & Marilyn Harman—Teresa Schmidt
30 lbs of Sausage donated by Sonnen Meats (Norm & Julie)—Molly Schwartz
$75 donated by Vic & Shirley Gehring—Pat Madden
$75 donated by Bob & Anna Gehring—Andy Goeckner
$75 donated by Valley Paving Inc.—Christine Uptmor
$50 donated by Klapprich Ag & Auto (Heath & Tara)—Katie Goeckner
$50 donated by Bob & Donna Ross—Delores Kindall
$50 donated by H&R Diesel (Ron & Heather Lightfield)—Harold Schaeffer
$50 donated by Graves Creek Construction (Scott & Tara Ross)—Pete & Jill Wimer
$50 Gift Certificate donated by Bud’s Saw Service—Callie Howe
$50 donated by Poxleitner Angus Ranch (Jim & Denise Poxleitner)—Bertie Forsmann
$50 donated by Cottonwood Community Federal Credit Union—Steel Uhlenkott
$50 donated by Hometown Auto & Ag—Jack Uptmor
$50 donated by Mildred Geis—Cleora Schmidt
$50 donated by Neil & Susan Wassmuth—Annelise Jentges
$50 donated by Fred’s Body Shop (Rod & June Behler)—Tara Duclos
$25 Gift Certificate donated by Keuterville Pub & Grub (Linda & Dewey)—Katie Remacle
$35 donated by William & Lynn Goeckner—Doug Hohman
$25 donated by Kevin & Kathy Rehder—Vern Sonnen
Inflatable Raft donated by Gem Builders Supply—Anna Gehring
$25 donated by Vic & Shirley Gehring—JD Lauer
$25 donated by Glenn & Loretta Poxleitner—Ralph Terhaar
$25 donated by Bob & Anna Gehring—Tanner Ross
$25 donated by Valley Paving Inc.—Robin Courtright
Doll with Homemade blanket and clothes – donated by Claudia Gehring—Father Dick Haldane
Doll with Homemade blanket and clothes – donated by Claudia Gehring—Reid Uptmor
Popcorn Popper—Shawn Stubbers
We would like to thank everyone who participated in any way.  God Bless you. 

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