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Letter to Editor 
State Exchange: Bad Federal Policy that WILL COST YOU, YOUR FAMILY, and YOUR 
The Governor continues to tell us that with a state exchange we will have more control. What that means is the insurance industry and medical groups will have more control. House bill 248 says that they will keep our private information they collect “secure” but they do not say how they will do that. 
“State exchanges ARE under the control of & must comply with the federal government with NO NEGOTIATION OF POLICIES.” 
Proof: U.S. code Sub Section 18041 A,1,D,C,K The Federal Government will full control even over State Funded Exchanges, HHS has the final say about which Doctors, Insurance Plans and benefits can participate. 
Therefore States that create an exchange are voluntary surrendering their sovereignty to the Federal Government. 
Why anyone would think they could negotiate with the federal government is beyond me. A lot of the legislators are bellowing, that this is the law of the land. If this is the law of the land how do you negotiate. Therefore why even set up a State Exchange. 
Not one of our legislators has recommended an alternative solution except Senator Steven Thayn who presented an alternative using Health Savings Accounts and Funded Health Savings Accounts. Even he says “Is there really any difference between a state or federal exchange”? 
So far 25 States have said “NO” to a state health insurance exchange and the eyes of America are now on Idaho. We were among the first to say no to any exchange. Are we going to be the one State that tips the scales in favor of in favor of a state exchange? Once we open the door to a state exchange and take federal money there is no backing out. I say let the federal government use their money and spend their time setting up an exchange because the likely hood of them setting one up by January of 2014 are becoming less and less each day. We still have time to find a solution to this problem but our legislators have be willing to except ideas other than a state or federal exchange. They need to work towards a solution to our healthcare problem and not give in to the requests of Governor or the demands of our Federal Government. 
Weather we were to have a state or federal exchange the costs of insurance premiums will continue to rise at a rapid pace with estimates by the IRS that by 2016 a family of four will be paying $21,000 per year for the lowest level of insurance. When 30 million people are added to the healthcare rolls access to doctors and particularly specialists will be reduced substantially. 
Waits to see a physician will be much longer the only ones that will benefit from a state exchange will be the insurance industry and the medical industry. Keep in mind we have very little competition for health insurance in our state. Approximately 80% of policies written are by 3 companies, Blue Cross of Idaho, Regence Blue Shield and Pacific Source. They will be the recipients of this deluge of new customers along with the premiums they pay. The only losers will be the citizens of Idaho and their families. 
House Bill 248 smells like a barrel of dead fish and to allow its implementation would be a travesty to the people of Idaho. We need to kill this Bill. It is time for the people of Idaho to stand up and be counted. Call your Representatives and tell them you do not want a state insurance exchange........ 
Marge Arnzen,
Chair Idaho County Republican Central Committee 

Dear Editor:
Socialized medicine is not the way for America.....nor for Idaho.
Quite elaborately, Governor Butch Otter has explained to us that, under Obamacare, he was given three options, and chose a State-managed program as the least troubling.  Fine....maybe, but!
Clearly Mr. Otter has forgotten something, for there is a 4th option (actually his first and foremost option): that of honoring  the solemn oath he has sworn repeatedly to uphold and follow the Constitution for the united States, and that of Idaho.
Neither of these supreme documents mandates universal health coverage, nor authorizes a governor to impose any such plan on his constituency.  So where does the Governor get off doing what he has done?  Maybe he has forgotten where he lives, and should take his misunderstandings and try out for governor of a place like Cuba, Haiti, China or some other socialist state where an ideology like "of the government, for the government and by the government" rules.
Our governor is wrong in stating that Obamacare is "the law" and must be followed, for, as he should know, any "law" action not specifically sanctioned by the Supreme Law, the Constitution, is no law at all, but is null and void from its inception.  Why did he not simply tell this to Mr. Obama?
If I remember rightly, as an aspiring politician, Mr. Otter knew the Constitution well, and presented himself as a patriot, a populist and true American public servant.  Has something happened to him since then?
Thank You.
Carol J. Asher

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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