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For the young readers, exciting things are happening at the Library! 
Stacie Milliman has ordered new books for both children and young adults and they are beginning to arrive. They will be catalogued and recorded into the computer as soon as possible, so ask where to find them. 
Thanks to Stacie and her husband Gary, for making this possible through their generosity by donating a 22 rifle as a fund raiser for the library, with proceeds to be used exclusively for children and young adult books.
Stacie has also been responsible for removing the outdated books and replacing the worn, but popular books in this section. We are excited to have her on board with her past experience as a librarian. 
In the most recent visit with people connected to the Val Net system, it appears the Prairie Community Library is currently not a candidate for membership. Only tax based Libraries are members of this system. What are your thoughts on this? 
With this in mind, we are striving to replace once popular fiction books, that have not been checked out in the past 8 years, to make room for new adult reading material, but we need your input as to what you, the public, are interested in. Please share your thoughts with us along with suggestions that will enhance the library. Call the library or drop a note in the drop box at the back of the building.
Note: The Senior project is complete and we will no longer be receiving the coupon section from the paper. Thanks for participating.


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