Cottonwood City Council meets
There was a sizable crowd at the March meeting of the Cottonwood City Council Monday, March 11.
Megan Rambo, Tony Schumacher and Neil Bruegeman represented Prairie Youth Sports and were looking for some help with problems in the concession building restrooms at the Wimer Ballfields. There’s some drainage problems with water getting in to the lower level store room and the restrooms. 
Councilor Shelli Schumacher said the contract was set up the way it was because the city did not want the ballfields to be a burden on the city. Things were set up with Prairie Youth Sports similar to the way the Riding Club Arena is set up with the Cottonwood Riding Club in that the group would take care of maintenance. She and city maintenance supervisor Roy Uhlenkott were willing to check into things and asked for some estimates.
Tiffany Stinson presented her Prairie High School senior project of upgrading the restrooms at the City Park. She has compiled a list of things that need worked on and was given a go-ahead by the council. 
Sue Sonnen, Nick McDonough and several of the young people in the Rome Pilgrimage group were present to request permission for a beergarden at the City Park during the Idaho County Fair. A pilgrimage group ran a beergarden at the park for a couple of years then stopped.
Joe Riener and Rick Johnson of the VFW along with a few other VFW members were present to make their request to hold the beergarden. The VFW stepped in last year to hold one after there had not been a beergarden for a couple of years.
Schumacher said she doesn’t feel it’s the city’s place to pick between the two groups, both of whom are worthy. She suggested they each have one. After some more discussion Mayor Denis Duman said he feels it does no one any good to have two beergardens and asked the council to table the matter and suggested the two groups get together to see if they can come up with a solution.
In the reports Pat Holthaus reported the city pumped 1.9 million gallons of water and sold 1.65 million for a 12.8% loss after accountable losses were figured in. There were no new leaks found in the past month. He also reported the water testing results came back good.
Ron Grant reported the pipe has been ordered for the storm water drains. He also said he and Uhlenkott would be attending a sewer seminar meeting in Coeur d’Alene.
Jack Duman reported the street department is lining things up for summer projects. They may need to meet with Cottonwood Highway District about borrowing gravel until Seuberts start crushing. Later on he reported that the city received $1500 as part of a settlement with the mag chloride supplier. As a whole the West Camas Transportation group was awarded $30,000.
Schumacher reported that Terry Cochran has submitted the grant info for getting a trailer to make the large diesel generator portable. This would enable it to be loaned to Ferdinand if they had an emergency and needed backup power. They should find out in the next couple of weeks whether they were successful.
Grant reported there were no fire calls within the city but there was one dumpster fire they responded to. Several firemen will be attending training at Orofino this weekend.
In unfinished business the council voted to offer Jim Yeoman the contract as the new building inspector after having city attorney Joe Wright first look over the contract.
A lease agreement was approved for Idaho County Recycling to set up a station alongside Broadway St. near the railroad tracks. The hope is to have this up and running soon.
Action on the water and sewer agreement for Ironwood Estates was tabled to next month.
In new business a catering permit for the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation Mardi Gras event on March 23 was approved.
The Walco contract is up for renewal on April 15. Mayor Duman asked the council to check it out and be ready to act at the April meeting.
Resolution 2013-1 was read and adopted which allows for destruction of city records from before October 1, 2007. 
A request to waive sewer fees for the Benedict House from Primeland was discussed. There is still water to the property, which they would like to continue having. The council voted to approve provided the sewer service line is capped off.
The annual City Cleanup is set for April 15-May 15. The city will again have a roll-off set up near the maintenance shop on 2nd St. South for tree limbs, hedge trimmings and other yard waste plus clean out the garage type items that citizens would otherwise take out to the dumpsters.
The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, April 8 at 7 p.m. 

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