Levy set at $387,000
The school board set the override levy request at $387,000 at the regular March meeting Monday, March 18.
That is the same amount they had last year and due to increased valuation in the district it will actually amount to about 6 cents less per thousand dollars. 
Superintendent Reneí Forsmann said this amount should be sufficient to maintain what they had last year.
The board passed a motion to approve this amount. Later in the meeting board member Gus Hoene, who was a late arrival due to work commitments, made a motion to reopen the discussion but it was voted down 3-2.
Prior to the start of the meeting Vikki Riener and Loretta Poxleitner presented the video that was made for the Idaho Leads project. This video has been posted on the district website at http://sd242.k12.id.us
In other business some changes were approved for the extra curricular activities policy and forms. These were in the section addressing using private vehicles for school activities allowing their use in extenuating circumstances.
Janine Wilson was approved as the new driverís training instructor. Principal Carrie Nygaard said driverís training will begin May 20. Students must be at least 14½ years old by that date.
In the facilities update Forsmann went over the list of projects, some of which are already finished. Previously the board had approved up to $50,000 worth. The building projects she has earmarked for completion by the end of the summer amount to just over $39,000 with a new bus added in at an additional net cost of $8,278.
These include:
At Prairie Elementary: replacing the copper lined fence and adding fencing to the new annex; roof repair; replacing outside lights; sidewalk replacement at P.E.S.
At Prairie Jr./Sr. High School: dish counter replacement; kitchen flooring replacement; sinks and faucets; seal coating of parking lot; roof over cafeteria; and the alarm system.
She also noted a couple other projects that need to be looked into. They include the heating units at the high school, an elevator at the high school and security systems for the schools.
She said they may be able to get controllers for the heating units at the high school. Apparently they had them at one time but were removed. Currently the room units are either on or off, no in-between, which leads to the upper floor roasting and having the windows open even when itís well below freezing outside.
Board chairman Della Gehring said she feels the heating system should be top priority of those other projects.
In her administrative report Forsmann noted that Missoula Childrenís Theatre is going on this week. Parent teacher conferences are set for March 27-28.
She said that she and Nygaard will be reviewing the applications for the four positions that have been posted starting March 19.
They finished iPad training for the staff and board members will each receive an iPad for use at board meetings.
She reported that she and Lynn Guyer met with Melisa Bryant and Jack Secrest about possible uses for the old elementary building. There is interest in expanding the professional technical academy to include manufacturing with grant opportunities available. The thought is to make programming available for adults, students and the prison population.
She also reported that the health professions program within the Region II Professionall Technical Academy has been nominated for a state award.
Nygaard reported that the junior-senior banquet was held this past weekend.
She also reported that junior high track started Monday.
Accreditation will be held this week at the high school.
A Cultural Day was scheduled for this Friday but the Missoula Childrenís Theatre performances will conflict with this so it will be rescheduled.
The annual High School Showcase is set for Wednesday, March 27 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Immediately after that the junior students and their parents will meet to discuss their senior projects.
The board meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, April 15 at 5:30 p.m.

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