What agriculture means to me
What does agriculture mean to me? That’s a tough question for some people but not for me. Now where to start, that’s a tough question. Well, that means to me farming with your family and herding cattle, milking cows for things like homemade ice cream, or cheese and just having a good glass of milk with some cookies.
Without agriculture there wouldn’t really be a lot of people with homes because they sell the things that they raise and things that they grow for food and money and have a nice home where their kids can have a fun childhood. Then the children can grow up and pass their farming talents on to their own children.
Also without agriculture we wouldn’t be able to have eggs and bacon in the morning for breakfast and enjoy it with our family because you need teamwork to succeed all the way to your dream. Also agriculture is a good resource for you if you don’t want your kids eating junk food so you can drive out to the farm fresh market at one of the farms and get some farm fresh healthy food that lots of people like, including me and my family.
My point is that agriculture is enjoyable, traditional, healthy, and important. Without it, I wouldn’t get to eat the foods I enjoy.
Submitted by Ciara Chaffee, daughter of Kevin and Shari Chaffee. She is a fifth grade student at Prairie Elementary School. Mrs. Vanderwall is the teacher. The Idaho County Farm Bureau will be submitting several of these student essays over the next few months.

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