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Another busy time at the Library as we celebrate National Library Month and this week as National Library Week. As Donna mentioned in her article last week, Saturday, April 20th from 2pm to 4pm, we will be honoring volunteers who have given their time and talent to keep the library going throughout the years. Special recognition will be to the first Librarian, Marianne Wren and to Cindy and Emmett Wilson, long time board members. Everyone is invited to join us in celebrating this special event, have refreshments and take a stroll down a picturesque memory lane created by Marianne’s family. It is a very unique wall display. 
In the Library: The children’s section is taking on a new look thanks to Stacie Milliman who has ordered several new Caldicott, Newbery and other award winning books. She has wrapped them in protective cover so they will remain in new condition for several years. Our thanks go out to Stacie and husband Gary for their interest in the library and for the fund raiser that provided the finances for this project. Without their generosity it could not have happened. If you see them give them a big prairie thanks.
Note: The library is still recycling ink cartridges. If you have some to dispose of, just drop them off and we will take care of them for you. They are taken to Staples where we receive credit that is used to purchase office supplies.
See you Saturday at the Library. 
Check out our New Adult Book Section along with the Children’s Area.

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