Kim Schumacher is mother of the year
The Prairie High School Mother-Daughter Tea was held on Sunday at the Prairie High School Cafeteria.  Over 80 mothers, daughters, and grandmothers attended the dinner, which had the theme of “A Safari Adventure.”  Kendall and Kim Schumacher.
The menu consisted of Mango Chicken over Rice, Sugared Walnut, Cranberry and Spinach Salad, Dinner Roll, and Strawberry Shortcake.  Serving the ladies were Seth Chaffee, Tanner Ross, Jared Higgins, Rhett Schlader, Weston Crenshaw, and Justin Schumacher.
Kim Schumacher was honored with the title of “Mother of the Year,” when her daughter, Kendall’s, touching essay was chosen. (see below).
Tyler Workman was chosen as “Girl of the Year,” while the following senior girls received, Miss Leadership – Kendall Schumacher, Miss Enthusiasm – Tanna Schlader, Miss Loyalty – Cheryl Gehring, Miss Responsibility – Ashley Cannon, Miss Sportsmanship – Brooke Schumacher, Miss Charity – Kelsey Tidwell, Miss Patience – Andrea Kaschmitter, Miss Optimism – Taylor Nuxoll, Miss Unity – Mackenzie Rieman, and Miss Scholar – Claire Whitley.
The 2011-12 Prairie League officers were President – Kendall Schumacher, Vice President – Tanna Schlader, and Secretary – Taylor Heitman.  The new officers for the 2013-14 school year are President – Jessica Kaschmitter, Vice President – Keely Schmidt, and Secretary – Beka Brunner. 
My Hero
By Kendall Schumacher
Looking through all of the amazing people in my life, I have so many great role models who have had an amazing impact on the person I am today. I have come to realize there is only one person who was there at the very beginning, and I know will be by my side until the very end. My mother, by far, has surpassed every person who has made an impact on my life. The remarkable size of her heart always seems to have more room to take my pain away and she is still able to keep that beautiful smile on her face. Growing up, she and my dad always did everything within her power to give me and my brother a comfortable and enjoyable life. When life got tough, she didn’t turn her back on the problems, but instead took them head on.
Words cannot describe the journey we have been through the past year. Where a lot of mothers who had girls in my situation would turn away and be ashamed of their daughters, you stood by my side and held my hand through everything. I want you to know how appreciative I am for all that you have been and done for me. You have always given me unconditional love, and I will forever be grateful for that. You have been there for me in the happiest of times as well as the saddest, in the easy times and through all the rough patches. You have been so forgiving of my faults, and when I do something that should be unforgivable, you forgive me. At the time I never understand the punishments of taking my car or cell phone away, but now I realize you were teaching me a lesson that paid off and made me a better person in the end. You are one of the reasons I want to become a teacher. Seeing how much of a difference you make in those young kids motivates me to make a change in the lives of children someday.
I know it is going to be hard to say goodbye in the fall when I go off to college. If a problem arises, hearing your voice over the phone will not be the same as getting a big hug and told that everything will be okay. This is just one of many first we will have to get through together. I know that I am going to be okay when I leave because you have taught me the values I need to go out on my own and begin a new chapter in my life.
Mom, I promise that no matter how annoying I can be, I will always consider myself your little girls who isn’t afraid to give you a hug and tell you that I love you in front of my friends. I promise I won’t ever take you for granted, as I know there are girls out there my age who are trying to get through the emotional life of a teenage girls without a mom.
I love you mom, and thank you for everything you have given me.

Award winners at the Mother-Daughter Tea are shown. From left are Mackenzie Rieman, Claire Whitley, Brooke Schumacher, Tanna Schlader, Andrea Kaschmitter, Kendall Schumacher and Tyler Workman. Photo by Kellie Heitman.

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