Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

The Tribune and Michael Costello are most deserving of praise for the article which appeared in the Tribune, April 20; Mr. Costello for writing it, and the Tribune for printing it! If you have not read it, you should!
The subject? Dr Kermit Gosnell, recently charged with multiple late term abortions, many illegal and partial-birth. But the gruesome part involves the charge that this man on repeated occasions has completed the abortion process by severing the spinal cord of those babies who somehow survive. And in some cases, decorates his office "with jars containing the preserved feet of his tiny victims." Keep in mind that the man is charged with this process on "living, breathing, crying babies" that somehow have arrived alive.
Also remember that the number of abortions since 1973 computes out to over 3000 baby deaths a day, 55 plus million we are told repeatedly during this time.  Again we are reminded that this puts our country on the ugly list of mass murderers, ours the worst because we allow the destruction of the most helpless. Only a nation totally oblivious to the Bible and the sad lessons of history can allow such horrors without rising up in angry indignation! It is obvious to me that our national survival requires that we send millions of outraged letters to our president and government officials demanding that this crime stop now! Not just ask, but demand!!
Jake Wren

Dear Editor:
I find it appalling how American voters continue to elect to their legislatures, both federal and state, persons apparently so ignorant and ill-informed:  People frighteningly ignorant of both the letter and the spirit of the supreme law they so glibly (mindlessly?) swear to uphold.  The disastrous effects of this blunder are increasingly obvious all around us.
But should we really be surprised?  Almost to a man, today's politicians are products of a grotesquely socialist-oriented education system, and so, for all their initial "public service" intent, most lack solid roots, and thus easily become as political millstones around an already-drowning people's necks.
One glaring, current example here in  Idaho: Obamacare. "Conservative" Republican Governor Butch Otter buys into, and consigns us all, to the death of it.  And how does our state legislature respond to his unlawful act? With the legislative session having just ended, it accomplished nothing counteractive. Moscow area legislator, Dr. Dan Schmidt, sadly representative of all too many of his colleagues, chose to publish a guest editorial this past week entitled Unfinished Business, lamenting the legislature's failure to pass a particular proposed package which he purports would improve health care for Idahoans and also help our economy.
Re-emphasizing my major point, Dr. Schmidt, there's just one problem: Legislating "health care" is simply not part of government's job description, period - not at any level.  First, please go back and get a real American education (if you can still find one). Wake up, Idaho. Totalitarian world government is coming down on you fast, under which life will not be pretty!
Thank you.
Carol Asher

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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