Students release steelhead
On May 22, thirty six (36) 4th grade students from Highland and Prairie Elementary completed Dworshak Fish Hatcheries (DFH) “Hatchery in the Classroom” program with the release of about 90 (2 to 3 inch long) Steelhead fry into Lawyers Creek.
Jeremy Sommers, DFH, delivered 100 Steelhead eggs to each classroom on March 27th.  He gave a very informative presentation and instructions on how to raise the Steelhead.  Danette Horrocks 4th grade students from Highland, Allason Zenner and Kim Schumacher’s 4th grade students from Prairie monitored the water temperature, PH balance, cleaned the aquariums, calculated and fed the appropriate amount, and monitored the development of the eggs to fry.  
The Lewis Soil Conservation District (LSCD) wish to thank the teachers and the students for their vigilance in rearing the fish, Jeremy Sommers, DFH, for the eggs, presentations and the support in making this project such a success. Kevin Traylor, NRCS Area Fish Biologist and Tina Barker, NRCS, thank you for helping with the fish release. 
The Hatchery in the classroom project is sponsored by Dworshak Fish Hatchery and the LSCD. This hatchery project is one of many ways Lewis Soil Conservation District enhance their commitment towards good conservation management practices.

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