Summit scholarships and awards
Following is a list of scholarships and awards for each of the 3 graduates in Summit Academyís class of 2013.
Julia Osborne-Scholarships: Franciscan University Grant, $2,000; Institutional Grant, Franciscan University of Steubenville, $4,200; Presidential Scholarship, LCSC, $1,500; Idaho Promise, $450; LCSC Counselor Leadership, $250; LCSC High School Leadership, $500. Awards from Summit: Excelsior Award; Congeniality Award; Valedictorian Award; plus medals for: 3 yrs. Drama, 3 yrs. Student Council, 4 yrs. volleyball; 1 yr. basketball, 3 yrs. Knowledge Bowl.
Shane Stubbers-Scholarships: UI Academic Achievement Scholarship, $900; UI James W. Martin Scholarship, $600; UI Robert Lee Promise Scholarship, $450; Idaho County Farm Bureau Scholarship, $1,000. Awards from Summit: Patriot Award and Salutatorian Award. Plus medals for 4 yrs. basketball, 2 yrs. Knowledge Bowl, 2 yrs. Drama and Student Body President.
Justin Dempsey-Awards from Summit: 3 yrs. basketball, 2 yrs. drama, 2 yrs. Knowledge Bowl.

Summit Valedictorian Julia Osborne and Salutatorian Shane Stubbers gave their speeches together.
Fr. Caleb Vogel of Moscow was Summitís Commencement Speaker.
Justin Dempsey had the privilege of leading in the Summit class of 2013.

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