Junior High track has outstanding season
This is later then I had hoped to share the amazing season that these young tracksters had this year but at least we should have the sports section mostly to ourselves.  A truly amazing group of young people, who put so much effort into improving themselves and helping the team.Chaye Uptmor in a relay event.  I have never seen so many athletes wanting to push themselves to improve times and distances.  Just to make this point stand out, 15 of the 32 Junior High Records in events were broken during this season.   And at the end of the season our girls 4 x 400 relay team was ranked first in the state out of all other junior high teams.   Yes, I did say all.
Our boys team, all though small in numbers, put up big numbers to consistently place third in most track meets.  The team was led by the eighth graders.   Brandon Anderson cleared 5 feet in the high jump and ran a 62 second 400 meters.   Raice Dalgliesh ran a 13.64 in the hundred meters and 65 second 400 meters.  Nathan Gimmeson ran the 800 meters in a time of 2 minutes and 50 seconds and also cruised in the mile a few times.  Ryan Glimp once again took on the hurdle events and really had a great season, recording times of 12.44 in the 75 hurdles and 32.80 in the 200 hurdles.  Tyson Schlader from the start of the season to the end kept getting faster and faster in the 100 and 200 meters and led the team in the triple jump with a 27 foot 5 inch leap.  Noah Arnzen after recovering from some illnesses early in the season started to show great improvement in the 800 and 1600.  I would have liked seeing him with another week or two to get it all going.
This year’s seventh grade boys added some fresh new spunk to the team along with some talent to work on for next year.   Dereck Arnzen continuously improved in the shot and discus, throwing 23’6” and 58’4” respectively.  A young man who I truly respect for his hard work and smile.  Hunter Chaffee improved by leaps and bounds from the start of the season, showing huge improvements in the 400 meters late in the season to finish with his best time of 66 seconds.  Anthony Karel led the team in the shot put with a heave of 29 feet and also placed in the discus.  His willingness to push through injuries and try new events kept me entertained all season.  And Sean Spencer, with his 13.64 time in the 100 meters gives us great hope for next year.  Sean should be a rather impressive sprinter next year.   Our relays were also impressive as we cruised to victory in the 4x400 almost every meet.  The team of Brandon, Hunter, Ryan and Raice broke the school record with a time of 4:25.88.   Yes, those are hundredths of seconds.  Great job team.
The Girls team was nothing less then sensational all season. Breaking numerous records and walking away with the Whitepine League Track Meet Title with 177 points, all I can say is “WOW”.
Sean Spencer about to break the tape first in a relay event.Led by eighth graders also, this team ran so hard and all of these athletes improved over the season.  Bailie Gehring brought her experience in from last year and threw very well in the shot and Discus, with distances of 23”6” and 49’1” respectively.  Ally Hale, new this season but found the shot put and discuss to her liking, throwing 31’11” and 80’11”. Mykaela McWilliams topped off her junior high career with more excessively fast 100 and 200 meter runs along with a jump of 15’1.5” in the long jump, breaking the old record.  She also cruised the 200 hurdles in a time of 32.04 which is also a school record.  Nicole Poxleitner, joined the team this year and became a valuable sprinter, running the 100 meters in 14.8 and leading off on the relays.  Samantha Remacle provided the same spunk as last year running14.8 in the 100 meters and showing her speed in the relays.  Tiffany Sonnen was a consistent performer, running the 75 hurdles in 14.94 and the 200 meters in 32.04.   Kylie Tidwell was a pleasant surprise this year as she joined our team, running 14.74 in the 100 meters and 31.5 in the 200.  She also ran the mile one time breaking the record, although she says she won’t ever run it again.  Chaye Uptmor once again powered our 400 meters group running 65.83.  Her smooth stride and desire to win, pushed our relays to many victories.
Our seventh graders proved to be not only talented but some of the most fun individuals a coach could ask for.  Sydney Bruner tried a little of everything and improved her times all season long.  Her spunk and her continued efforts helped our team throughout the season.  Leah Higgins, a great young lady who will find great success next season, chased the 23 foot mark all season in the triple jump and finally made it the last track meet with a jump of 23 feet 3.5 inches.  Trista Latimer, did an amazing job all season throwing the shot and discus, with throws of 22’10 inches and 45’4”.  She also knocked off chunks of time during the season in her sprints.  A great personality and I can’t wait to have her again next year.  Kori Pentzer, ran a 2:35.90 in the 800 meters to lead the team, 75 hurdles in 12.74 and triple jumped 30’8”.  A young lady with a huge amount of talent, she just has to continue to work hard.  Josie Perry, posted a 2:49.8 in the 800 meters and a 33.74 in the 200 hurdles.  Sierah Poxleitner, another star in the rough, with a discus throw of 61’10”  and a 76 second 400 meters, hopefully she proved to her self that she is capable.  Alexis Shears, a wonderful addition to our team, knocking of seconds off her 100 and 200 meters times during the season and throwing 44’9” in the discus.  Laney Uhlenkott, maybe one of the biggest surprises of the season, going from telling me she couldn’t run the 400 meters to taking second in the last meet in a time of 67.54.  Over a ten second improvement from the first time she ran it.
The girl’s relays were once again incredible.  Because of injuries and other issues, different people ran in them during the season, but these are the fastest times during the season.   4x100 in a time of 56.59 run by Mykaela, Ally, Laney, Kylie.  The 4x200 in a time of 1:57.4 run by Nicole, Mykaela, Kylie, Chaye.  The Medley 2:11.10 run by Nicole, Chaye, Kylie, Ally.   And our State number one team in a time of 4:32.08  run by Kori, Mykaela, Nicole and Chaye.
Simply amazing running and throwing and jumping by all members of our team.  These athletes have an amazing future ahead of them and Prairie Schools have a lot to look forward to.  Thanks to Tabitha Sonnen Roach my assistant coach who did a fantastic job with these kids, they are all better because of your efforts.  Thank you to all my team members for making this an amazing year.  You stepped it up and performed beyond my expectations and I know I will have lasting memories of a great season.
Glenn Poxleitner
JR High Track Coach. 
Tyson Schlader
Kori Pentzer hands off to Kylie Tidwell in a relay.
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