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By:  Carla Wilkins
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We have four great summer classes, open to people 14 and older.  Here are two that are starting in mid-July:
The Knack of Kayaking
3 Sundays, July 14th-28th; 4-6 pm
Instructor:  Levi Ewing;  $30
Location:  McAllister Recreation Site on the Clearwater River
If you’re interested in tapping into our vast local whitewater & recreational kayaking resources and need help getting started, this three session course will provide you with the basic beginner safety savvy and skills you need.  You will learn some basic paddling techniques, and how to roll and safely “wet exit” a kayak.   All equipment is provided by the instructor.  There are just ten seats in this class.
Muzzle Loading
Tues., July 16th& Thurs., July 18th; 6-8 pm
Instructor:  James Roll;  $20
Location:  Asker property near Grangeville
In this outdoor class, students will learn how to select a muzzle loader, ammunition and the correct powder.  Both old & new technology involved in muzzle loaders will be discussed and you’ll learn about three types of guns as well as how to load and shoot them.  In addition, you’ll learn about flint & steel fires and if time allows, traps from the early days.  There are twelve seats in this class.

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