Candalots open 'Tasting Den'
John and Pollyanna Candalot recently opened Wolf Track Brewing Tasting Den in the former Archie’s Cleaners location.
It is basically a brew pub where they sell their own home-brewed varieties of beer. They currently offer 7 different varieties for $4 per pint or $3 per 10 oz. glass. They also sell a sampler tray with small glasses of each brew for $8. The small glasses look like oversized shot glasses and are about 4 oz. each. If you find one you really like and would like to take some home they have “Growlers,” a half-gallon bottle, available for $25 each, including the bottle. Refills are $12.
John and Polly have been brewing beer at their home for about 7 years and have been selling 4 of the varieties through Keuterville Pub and Grub for some time. Both contribute to the recipes.
He would eventually like to be able to do the actual brewing on site.
He brews his beer in 1 barrel batches (just over 30 gallons). 
The 7 varieties offered are Wild Mild, Bushy Tail Ale, Kilted Kraut, Hunter’s Moon Brown, Pirate X-Pale Ale, African Red and Polly’s Porter. The first 4 have all been offered previously at Keuterville. The Wild Mild and the Ales are light colored beers while the others are dark with Polly’s Porter being a very dark beer.
Their menu sign includes the alcohol by volume content of each brew.
Currently they are open from 4 p.m. until closing on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Saturdays they open at 1 p.m. Closing time varies with how busy it is. 
At this time they are a cash only business.

John and Polly Candalot behind the bar at Wolf Track Tasting Den. They offer 7 different varieties of home-brewed beer
A half-gallon sized Wolf Track Brewing 'Growler' and a pint glass full of beer.

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