Tara Klapprich appointed to school board
Tara Klapprich was appointed by the school board to fill the open Zone #4 position at the July meeting of the school board Monday, July 15.
She will fill the position that opened up with Della Gehring’s resignation. Klapprich was one of two patrons under consideration.
Gus Hoene was elected as board chairman with Lynn Guyer as vice-chairman. Denise Uhlenkott was re-appointed as clerk/treasurer and Amy Sigler and Lynn Rehder as assistant treasurers.
Hot lunch rates will increase 10 cents for students and 25 cents for adults. New rates will be $1.70 at the Elementary, $2.10 at the junior/senior high school and $3.75 for adults.
Meeting dates and times will remain the third Monday at 7 p.m. although they may go back to 5:30 in the fall.
Bus rates, per diem rates and facility use rates will remain the same.
Julie (Mrs. Doug) Schumacher was approved for hire as the K-1-2 part-time temporary teacher. She will also be the summer school teacher.
Superintendent Rene’ Forsmann and jr./sr. high principal Carrie Nygaard recommended keeping the school schedule the same although they may continue to investigate the 8 a.m. starting time. Nygaard said she is trying to move some of the critical dual credit classes away from the final period of the day.
Proposed changes to the bus garage were postponed for at least a year. 
Forsmann brought before the board an interest from the BLM to rent the former Elementary School building. She said their current building has some asbestos issues and will be torn down and rebuilt and they would need a place to relocate during that time. They looked at the K-1 building but felt it wasn’t quite big enough. The board directed Forsmann to investigate this further.
Extracurricular assignments were approved. At the high school they are Travis Mader, athletic director; Teel Bruner, boys basketball coach with Kevin Chaffee as assistant. Lori Mader as girls basketball coach with Sarah Walsh as assistant. Ryan Hasselstrom as football coach with Matt Elven and Teel Bruner as assistants. Hasselstrom as track coach with Becky Higgins as assistant. Jeff Martin as softball coach with Steve Wilson as assistant (although we understand Wilson plans to resign from that position). Cheyenne Hudson as volleyball coach with Marlene Forsmann as assistant. Pat McWilliams as wrestling coach. John Eynon for band. Sonesa Lundmark as yearbook advisor. Sherry Holthaus as cheer squad advisor. Laurie Karel for knowledge bowl. Dave Young and Liz McLeod as senior class advisors. Darbie Duclos and Laurie Workman as junior class advisors. Hasselstrom for BPA. Mary Uhlorn as Prairie League advisor. 
For the junior high they are Wilson as 8th grade girls basketball coach with Martin for the 7th grade. Wilson as 8th grade boys basketball coach with Todd Nygaard for the 7th grade. Nygaard as football coach. Lundmark as junior high knowledge bowl advisor. Glenn Poxleitner as junior high track coach with Tabitha Roach as assistant. Hudson and Forsmann as junior high volleyball coach and assistant. Karel as Youth Choir leader. Colleen Sonnen as Kindness Rocks advisor.
Other positions are Sheri Daly as school nurse. Lundmark for part-time media, Hasselstrom for part-time business, Donald Curry for part-time industrial, Daly for part-time health coordinator and Denise Uhlenkott for part-time attendance.
Sonnen will be the drug-free coordinator with Renee Eckert as the jr. high drug-free advisor. Hasselstrom will be the tech coordinator, Lynn Rehder the food service director, Amy Sigler the ISEE coordinator and Vikki Riener as the Special Ed director.
In the administrative reports Forsmann said attendance varies during the summer lunch from as low as 11 to as many as 65. When they have events happening they get the bigger numbers.
K-2 teachers met and worked on a standards based report card.
As superintendent she reported on the summer projects. The sidewalks have been completed at both school buildings. The elementary and auxiliary gym floors have been waxed. The jr./sr. high gym floor will be done the first week of August although it could have been done the same time as the others as Forsmann was informed the Raspberry Festival won’t be using the gym this year.
They continue to work with Guardian Heating on the ventilators at the high school.
Cabling for seamless wireless access at the Elementary is being done this week. This is part of the Khan Academy grant award.
Also this week they will have a group of offenders from NICI helping with mowing, weed trimming and sweeping the parking lots and roadway at the junior/senior high to help prep them for the chip seal project which starts July 29.
She also reported that the Secure Rural Schools funding may get a 1-year approval. It is part of another bill that was passed out of committee in the senate. If it makes it through it would be for 5% less than this past year.
Nygaard reported that summer basketball camp will be using the gyms next week, July 22-26.
She also reported registration day will be August 14 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. On that same day there will be a parent information session for those with children in athletics starting at 7 p.m. at the gym.
The board meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, August 19 at 7 p.m.

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