Shown are the five candidates for the 2014 Idaho County Fair Royalty. Top from left are Holli Uhlorn, Maria Munger and Emily McHugh. 
Bottom from left are Brandi Gehring and Kelly Turney.
Five vie for Fair Royalty
There are five girls vying for the three positions on the 2014 Idaho County Fair Royalty.
They are Holli Uhlorn, Maria Munger, Emily McHugh and Brandi Gehring of Cottonwood and Kelly Turney of Whitebird.
Judging will be done at the Royalty Luncheon, which is set for Wednesday, July 31 at noon at the Grangeville Nazarene Church.
Holli Uhlorn
Holli Uhlorn is the 15 year old daughter of Darrel and Mary Uhlorn of Cottonwood.
She will be a junior at Prairie High School and is sponsored by Indoor/Outdoor 4-H Club.
She has lived in Idaho County all of her life.
She has been a member of the Indoor/Outdoor 4-H Club for 10 years, has held school class offices for the last 5 years, has been tap dancing for 12 years and taken basketball, volleyball, softball and cheerleading at school. In the community she has working with the church bazaar, helped with the community Easter Egg Hunt the last 4 years, helped with peewee basketball and decorated the church at Christmas.
Past fair involvement includes 10 years of cooking projects, 9 years of sewing, 7 years of Making the Most of Me, 1 year of bucket calf, 1 year of market beef, 1 year of embroidery and 1 year of Know Your Government. She has been a 4-H club officer for 6 years and is a current 4-H Ambassador. She has a long list of 4-H activities and this past year won the sewing machine for top Family and Consumer Science Sewing project.
She works for Uhlorn Farms as a farmhand and also does housekeeping and lawn care. She also works in the vineyard for U-2 Enterprises.
She enjoys tap dancing, volleyball, softball, camping, watching movies, being with friends, 4-H, skiing and traveling.
After high school she would like to go to college at either the U of I or Montana State to get a degree in agricultural business.
Her 3 life goals are to graduate from college, get a job within her career field and become married and have a family.
She believes her strongest personal quality is her friendliness and quick smile because she enjoys meeting new people and her friendly personality and smile help her to do so.
Most important in her life are her friends and family because they have made her who she is today. They have always supported her through thick and thin and she always wants to support them.
She has an older sister, Kylie, who graduated from the University of Idaho and is an accountant, and an older brother Brent, who graduated from Walla Walla Community College with 3 degrees and is currently farming. Her dad is a farmer and her mother is a homemaker.
Maria Munger
Maria Munger is the 15 year old daughter of Ben and Maureen Munger of Cottonwood.
She is sponsored by Arnzen Building Construction of Cottonwood and will be a sophomore at Prairie High School.
She has lived in Idaho County her entire life.
Youth organizations she has been involved in include OMG Youth Group, 4-H, Vacation Bible School, Idaho Catholic Youth Convention and the Fair Fashion Board.
Past Fair involvement includes 2 years of baking projects, 2 years of Making the Most of Me, 3 years of lamb projects, 2 years of sewing, 2 years of chickens and 4 fashion shows.
She earns money doing housekeeping and babysitting.
She enjoys reading, writing, dancing, baking, listening to music and horseback riding.
After high school she would like to either go into pharmacy or be a prosecuting criminal lawyer.
3 life goals are to finish writing a novel, to travel the world and to become a contributing citizen by having a decent career.
She feels her strongest personal quality is that she is a good leader. She is constantly being put into leadership roles and tends to excel at them.
The most important person in her life is her mom who inspires her, encourages here, comforts and supports her, all while teaching her to be the best she can be.
She has two brothers, who she says “affectionately drive me crazy!” Her mom is her idol and her rock while her dad is the hardest worker she knows and encourages her to work harder and be the best. Her mom is also a former Idaho County Fair Queen.
Emily McHugh
Emily McHugh is the 16 year old daughter of Susanne Keating of Cottonwood and Allen Meyer.
She is sponsored by Laurie Lorentz and will be a junior at Prairie High School.
She has lived in Idaho County her whole life.
She is active in church youth group, Drug-Free, BPA, Knowledge Bowl, 4-H, Indoor/Outdoor 4-H Club vice-president, Hugh O’Brien Youth, cheerleading, softball and was sophomore class president this past year.
Her past fair involvement includes 2 years of Fashion Board, 5 years of Making the Most of Me, one year of card decorating, one year of ceramics, 2 years of cake decorating, one year as secretary for Indoor/Outdoor 4-H Club and 7 years of 4-H.
For employment she does babysitting for her aunt and uncle, Tara and Heath Klapprich, and cooks, cleans and works outside for her grandparents JoAnn and Eugene McHugh.
She enjoys painting, crafts, 4-H, sewing, softball, cheerleading, 4-wheeling and fishing.
After high school she plans to attend college at either Whitworth University in Spokane or WSU at Pullman to get a degree in accounting or financial management.
Her 3 life goals are to attend college, be involved in the Idaho County Royalty Court and to get married and have a family.
She feels her strongest personal quality is determination. She volunteers quite a bit with her youth group at the OMG room and is always very determined to do the best she possibly can. She is always determined to work every minute of her volunteer time so she can give who they are helping her all. She also missed a lot of school this past year due to illness but was determined not to let her grades slip and maintained her 4.0 grade point average.
Her family is the most important thing in her life. They have always been there loving and supporting her. She has a very large and close family. Not only does she have her mom helping her but also her 10 aunts and uncles and her grandparents. Sometimes it can be a tad much be in the end she says it makes her feel so lucky and special to have all of these people around and willing to help.
Her immediate family consists of her mom, her sister Samantha, and herself. Her sister is about 3 years old and has always been one of her role models. She is very smart, strong and helpful and was one of her class valedictorians. She is attending Whitworth but for the summer is in Minnesota at a Girl Scout camp. Her mom has raised her and her sister by herself for most of their lives but has done an amazing job raising them and making sure they are respectful to everyone.
Brandi Gehring
Brandi Gehring is the 17 year old daughter of Brian and Becci Gehring of Cottonwood.
She is sponsored by Keuterville Livestock 4-H Club, Butch and Jean Spencer, and will be a senior at Prairie High School.
She has lived in Idaho County her entire life.
She is involved in 4-H and track. She is also a 4-H Ambassador and a blood drive volunteer.
Past fair involvement includes 9 years of dog projects, 5 years of sheep projects, CWF, KYG, Sewing, Making the Most of Me and Cooking.
She has worked at Keuterville Pub and Grub and at the Gateway Inn.
She enjoys track & field, scrapbooking, sewing and drawing.
After high school she plans to go to college at LCSC and get a degree. She is undecided at this time as to what that degree might be in.
Her three life goals are to go to college for either physical therapy or cosmetology. Start her own business if she chooses cosmetology and to enjoy life, her friends and family.
She feels her strongest personality quality is getting along with people. She is always making new friends because she is such a fun, bubbly person who enjoys making people laugh and have a good time.
Most important in her life is to just live life to the fullest and cherish every single moment with the people she loves, especially her family who have been there for her good times and bad.
She is the oldest child in her family with 1 brother, Ben, age 9, and 1 sister, Bailie, age 14. Her dad is a rancher and her mom works at Mountain View School District in Grangeville.
Kelly Turney
Kelly Turney is the 17 year old daughter of Robert and Eleanor Turney of Whitebird.
She will be a senior at River View School (homeschooled). She is sponsored by Bob’s Property Management of Whitebird.
She has lived in Idaho County for 14 years.
Youth involvement includes Cornerstone Theater, a non-profit Christian Theater Group of which she is co-founder, president and actress. She is also a member of Crazy Critters 4-H Club and is a current 4-H Ambassador. She has been involved in Victory Karate and is a first degree purple belt. She is a dancer and singer for Irish Dance, volunteered for Vacation Bible School for 2 years. She was involved with Missoula Children’s Theatre for 7 years, 6 as an actress and also attended their summer theater camp. She is working towards a Congressional medal award which she hopes to complete in two years. She has volunteered with the National Park Service, Relay for Life, 6 years of Walk for Life, made 4 Mexico Mission Trips where she helped her parents build 6 houses, distribute food and help at a day care center. She is also CPR and First Aid certified.
Past Fair involvement includes 1 year each of horse, steer, sheep and survival projects, 2 years each of archery and photography and 7 years of dog projects where she was grand champion 3 times for fitting and showing and 2 times for obedience. She has also entered drawings and photos and a few wood carvings in the open class since she was 5 years old.
She works part-time for her dad in his contracting business.
She enjoys photography, writing, reading, hiking, snowboarding, horseback riding and swimming.
After high school she plans to attend an Idaho college to study for a career in the medical field.
She feels her strongest personal quality is that she is compassionate. She cares about other’s feelings and what they think. She says she understands people and treats them how she would like to be treated.
She feels her faith is the most important thing in her life. “I am who God made me to be, and live to glorify and honor Him by my actions.”
She is an only child. Her parents have been married for 28 years. He is a self-employed contractor and she is a stay-at-home mom. They have home-schooled her all her life. She was born in Mexico when her parents were missionaries running an orphanage there. They lived in Mexico until she was 3. She says she and her parents do a lot of things together, They love road trips while she and her dad go dirt biking and snowboarding together.

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