Scouts spend week at Camp Grizzly
On July 7 Boy Scout Troop 638 headed to Camp Grizzly at Harvard, Id. They spent a week at summer camp.
We had 2 new boys with us this year, Blaze and Tate Berdoy, and were excited to explore some new hiking ground. Upon arriving we were assigned our camp site. Up the hill we went to Steptoe. We shared the campsite with Troop 351 from Troy. Once the boys unpacked their gear, the Troop Guide led the boys down to do swim checks. The majority of the boys were classified as swimmers. After swim checks the boys hiked back up the hill to get ready for evening flags and dinner.
Carson was our Senior Patrol Leader for the week. He and Shari attended meetings during the week where they gathered information on activities and projects to be done. The first activity was to attend evening Chapel Service. We had to move the service to a different spot as there was a bees’ next in one of the benches.
On Monday the boys started the week-long merit badge classes. They each chose an area to work one and will learn a lot from these classes. Out of 7 boys they chose 40 badges. They had until Friday to complete their badges or would receive a partial, in which they would have to finish on their own. Also this evening the boys took part in the evening flag ceremony with the staff. 
Tuesday the boys started one of their first projects. They will finish earning their Paul Bunyan Award. To finish this award they had to saw up a log (by hand) and stack the wood. This also helped our the camp as the log was in the road. Camp commissioner was very appreciative of this. It is going to be a hot week. Troop swim tonight will be a big deal for the boys.
Wednesday Kevin, Hunter, Carson, Blaze and Tate helped wake up the camp with some roars for the Polar Bear swim. At 6:30 a.m. the water was steaming off the lake. Later n the afternoon we all canoed up the canal to Laird Park. They thought the water at 6 a.m. was cold, well the small dam is like ice water. If you’ve never been to Laird Park, it has a real nice campground and area to swim. Tonight is the Honor Trail. We will sing songs, and stop at stations along the trail to learn about history of our country and in the end meet at the fire bowl where the staff will retire 2 U.S. Flags.
It’s already Thursday, the week half over. Another busy day for Troop 638. After a couple years of working on their camping merit badge and participating in over 20 campouts, Hunter and Jared was able to get their Blue cards signed. At noon some of the boys got to tour the Bennett Lumber Company. This was for the Forestry merit badge. They got to see the process of how a log is sawed down to end up as a piece of lumber.  As the day moved on we had a big service project ahead. We got to take out a bridge. The boys had no problem in taking something apart. This bridge has been at Camp Grizzly for 20 plus years. Tonight will be  along on for Keigan. He will be sleeping in the back forty in a shelter he made for wilderness survival. With the coyotes howling and a storm a brewing Keigan survived with only the clothes on his back and will earn his merit badge. 
Friday finished last minute Merit Badge requirements. The rest of the day will be fun and games. Boys participated in the water front relay and camp wide games. At around 5 p.m. was the Scoutmaster flop off. We acquired a dog named Brutis (Brad) to perform an amazing doggy glop. Our boys also received “Honor Unit” for tasks and activities performed during the week. This evening is campfire where we put on skits for guests and staff members. The boys chose a skit, “Grizzly’s Got Talent.” They called up different staff members and gave them something to do, like dance, sing, etc. This is a highlight at the end of the week. 
Well, it’s Saturday morning and we are packing up. It has been a fun-filled week, with many trips up the hill to our home at Steptoe. We are already planning camp for next year. 
Thank you to all the parents and the community for supporting these young men.

Boy Scout Troop 638 at their campsite, “Steptoe,” for a week long stay at Camp Grizzly. Pictured are Keigan Everett, Brad Berdoy, Jared Coppernoll, Kevin Tillinghast, Tate Berdoy, Carson Schmidt, Blaze Berdoy, Hunter Chaffee and Shari Chaffee. Photo provided by Shari Chaffee.

The camp service project accomplished by the Spartan Patrol of Troop 638 was to take apart this bridge that has been traveled across for over 20 years. Another troop will build a new bridge for their service project. Pictured are Hunter Chaffee, Jared Coppernoll, Blaze and Tate Berdoy and Kevin Tillinghast. Carson Schmidt and Kegian Everett also helped, but were not available for the photo. See story above left. Photo by Shari Chaffee. 

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