Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

We Need our Land Back for Funding Our Local Education

Common Core is an educational program offered to all the states in the union with a money carrot or funding attached to it. 
If it jeopardizes the identity and independence of our community, our school district….I am against Common Core.  Rather than centralized and common, we want the spirit of uncommon or exceptional craftsman, doctors, engineers, neighbors, ranchers….  I know someone else, another state, another school district will get the money.  Let them have it.  
The land that was set aside for each state to fund their educational endeavors isn’t producing money anymore.  It’s tied up and constricted by federal management due to strangling, environmental rules.  Currently our schools are being paid “in lieu of” by federal government because our school producing sections of land are in such a debacle.  Current elected officials take tax dollars or earnings from one pot to pay for the lack of money coming from our land.  The long term answer is to get our lands back so the county or local management can govern them and get the land to produce again.  The short term answer is to take bold action and say “no” to the carrot….  I’ve never voted yes for a school levy.  I would look at voting yes however if the State of Idaho could get our lands back and if our school district could and would say no to the federal money carrot that comes with this “common core” program.   It’s not worth losing our identity as a community or our independence…..especially to a group of elected men and women who are “so well educated” but have spent all the money of “We, The People”.  Why should we unconditionally trust them?  The truth is they don’t have any of our money left to give to our school district that we have sent to them via tax dollars to “promote the general welfare”.  In fact they have (regardless of party) overspent our money by 16+ trillion….and most of it not on the “general welfare” as specified in our constitution.  
Hopefully our independent school board and administrators can sort it out,  especially if it creates any compromise to our school district’s independence. After all is wouldn’t it be nice have written on all our buses…independent school district 242?  Remember it’s the free, self-sufficient Bald Eagle that is our national symbol, not a bird that has been crippled in captivity and fed by others.
Scott Perrin 

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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