An artist's voice for justice
When faced with injustices in the world, we are also faced with an array of responses. As in every situation in life, we are always given the opportunity to open our hearts and engage the world's problems -- and our own emotions -- with our creative powers.Drawing by Kathe Kollwitz
Transformation is always a creative act. Artists from Pablo Picasso to Kathe Kollwitz to Yolanda Lopez have brought energy and focus to the world's problems through their art, affecting perceptions and ultimately, history.
This weeklong retreat is a unique opportunity to bring your creative focus to the issues about which you care the most. "Creative Courage: An Artist's Voice for Justice" is planned in conjunction with Montana Human Rights Network's "Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate" exhibit at Lewis-Clark State College August 29 through December 13.
The week-long retreat will include morning workshops, afternoon studio time, and an evening series of "Justice Talks" featuring guest speakers working for justice throughout the region. Explore the works of those who maintained a soulful response to injustice and a joyful curiosity for the diversity of our world. Spend studio time focusing on the development of creative courage and the ability to bring illuminating responses to the injustices of the world as well as to its beauty.
Facilitator Theresa Henson is an exhibiting artist, published poet/writer and the Monastery's Communications Manager. She studied English and Art Studio at University of California, Santa Barbara and recently completed her Master's degree in Transforming Spirituality at Seattle University.
"Creative Courage" begins Monday, September 23 at 7:30 pm and ends Sunday, September 29 at 1:30 pm. No artistic experience necessary. Suggested donation: $510. For more information, call 208-962-2000 or email You can also register online at

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