Nuxolls are grand marshals
By Lorie Palmer
Idaho County Free Press
When a young teacher named Dina walked into Jordan Motors in 1970, mechanic Ivan Nuxoll took notice. He only had to go through the inquisition to get a date.
“Bill Eimers was the Grangeville High School principal then,” Dina Nuxoll grinned. “He wasn’t going to let one of his teachers get mixed up with someone he didn’t approve of.”Ivan and Dina Nuxoll
“Well, I think I could have checked out OK with the FBI after that,” smiled Ivan. “It all worked out.”
With more than 40 years of marriage under their belt, Ivan and Dina Nuxoll of Greencreek will serve as Idaho County Fair 2013 grand marshals.
Dina was born and raised in McMinnville, Ore., and attended Linfield College there. She came to Grangeville to teach home economics in 1970.
Ivan was born and raised on the family farm in Greencreek. He lives next door to the same house where he was born. His grandparents homesteaded there in 1895 and he has lived and/or worked there most all his life. He purchased the farm in the ‘70s. Ivan graduated from Greencreek High School and served for two years in the U.S. Army.
At Greencreek he was taught by the nuns and learned to type in school, something not all boys could do at that time.
He graduated in 1954, then volunteered for the draft in 1956, as he knew he would have to complete his time in the military at some point. He spent time in Germany as a wheeled-vehicle mechanic, but then, Dina said, it was discovered that he could type.
“So I spent some time in the office and post office, too,” Ivan said.
Upon returning home he worked the farm but also worked as a mechanic at Jordan Motors in Grangeville from 1959 to 1974. He and Dina married in 1972 and they soon purchased his parents’ farm and he went into full-time farming.
The Nuxolls raised their two children, Eric and Ellen, on the farm and also managed Dina’s family ground in McMinnville.
“I say we have roots in two states – both Idaho and Oregon,” she said.
The couple still spends a lot of time in Oregon on the property there as well as on their Greencreek land.
Eric graduated from Prairie High School in Cottonwood in 1993 and went on to the University of Idaho then to graduate school in Minnesota. He is currently a professor at the University of Iowa. He and his wife, Kim, have four children. Ellen graduated from PHS in 1996 and went on to the U of I, studying communi-cations. She received her masters at Portland State and is now employed by Linfield College, her mother’s alma mater. She and her husband, Mike, have two children.
Throughout the years the Nuxolls spent time with their children and worked with them on 4-H livestock and other projects. Prior to the children beign involved in 4-H, Dina served as a club leader for Needles, Spoons and More. She also worked in a sewing club with Pat Schmidt. Ellen served as fair queen in 1995.
Ivan’s family connection in 4-H goes back even farther as both he and his father participated in the Idaho County Stock Show, which is what it was called prior to being named the Idaho County Fair.
The couple was on the Idaho County Centennial Committee and Ivan helped write several stories for Idaho County Voices. They belong to the historical society in Oregon, and at the county fair in Cottonwood Ivan works with the Lions antique machinery display each year, explaining to attendees how the machines work.
Dina has an extensive cookbook collection. Extensive.
“She like the books better than she likes to cook,” joked Ivan, laughing. “But we really do have several tons of cookbooks.”
“I like to look through them and especially the ones with history from the places where they were made.” Dina said, showing one room with thousands of cookbooks neatly organized by categories. “This is only about a fourth of what I have. And to be fair – I married a real meat and potatoes man and he also likes sweets. No fancy cooking.”
She also keeps busy sewing – she also has quite a collection of useable sewing machines – making pajamas for her grandchildren each Christmas.
“I’m up to six now so I better get started,” she laughed.
Ivan not only maintains the grounds at both the Oregon and Idaho residences, he also spends time writing. Each week, since his children left home, he sits down and writes a letter to them. In 2003, Eric presented his father with a five-inch hardbound volume containing copies of all the letters his dad had written him since he left for college in 1993.
“It’s just something I do,” shrugged Ivan with a humble smile. Something he now does more often because each of his six grandchildren also receive a letter – on a monthly basis.
“I think the post office should be doing pretty well because all the letters get mailed in their own envelope,” he laughed. “The kids like to have their own piece of mail.”
The Nuxolls said they consider it an honor to be chosen as grand marshals for the fair and look forward to the week’s activities.
“We love the fair and always spend time there,” Dina said.
“And I am so glad it is still truly a county fair that isn’t trying to charge admission,” Ivan emphasized. “Anyone can afford to go to the Idaho County Fair and have a good time.”

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