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Letter to the Editor
I am respectful of the Nez Perce tribe’s right to protest; however I struggle for an understanding as to why.
The mega loads are a source of economic stimulus for our region, providing added employment and dollars infused into our local economies. Idaho State Route 12 road was built for commerce, the very commerce that allows disposable income for the many tourists to utilize the Nez Perce tribal casinos and resorts. 
The Nez Perce tribe collects the value of state gas taxes at their pumps yet they do not contribute these dollars to the state for the construction of roads and their maintenance. The Nez Perce tribe also received $193,000,000.00 in the Nez Perce Snake River Basin Adjudication agreement. These dollars came from taxes collected through commerce; commerce the Nez Perce leadership wishes to halt.
Without commerce and industry you do not collect taxes. You do not fund Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, workman’s compensation, unemployment payments, food stamps and the many other social safety net and entitlements programs funded through government transfer payments.
The FS does not have jurisdiction over a state highway even though it goes through the national forest. The state has an easement and therefore a legal entitlement to its right away. This is similar to the right away my neighbors have through my property to access their property and their utilities. I can in no way interfere with this legal right. Yes I own the property, however they own the right away.
I support the Nez Perce and their ability to benefit from the free exchange of commerce our form of government allows, however I am disappointed they do not view this as a two way street.
Thank You,
Jim Chmelik

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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