McHugh, Uhlorn are Friends of 4-H winners
Emily McHugh and Holli Uhlorn were this year’s Friends of 4-H Award winners with McHugh winning the Luggage and Uhlorn the Mixer. No entrant this year qualified for the sewing machine.
In Constructed Clothing Katteri Duman was the top award winner in Beginner Clothing with Ellea Uhlenkott and Ashley Nelson as runners-up. Katie Lustig was the top award winner in Intermediate with Mattie Lustig as runner-up. Holli Uhlorn was the top winner in Advanced Clothing with Davi Murphy and Lizz Forsmann as runners-up.
In Making the Most of Me Halle Klapprich was the Setting the Stage top winner with Ciara Chaffee winning for Phase I, Maria Munger for Phase II, Abbie Uhlenkott for Phase III and Holli Uhlorn for Phase IV.
Top model award winners are as follows:
Constructed Clothing: Beginner, Alexis Morris; Intermediate, Katie Lustig; Advanced, Holli Uhlorn. 
Making the Most of Me: Setting the Stage, Anna Kaschmitter; Phase I, Kodie Tidwell; Phase II, Maria Munger; Phase III, Hailey Danly; Phase IV, Emily McHugh.
Top Food Awards: Beginning Foods-Ciara Chaffee; Intermediate Foods-Colby Canaday; Advanced Foods-Holli Uhlorn; Beginning Cake Decorating-Maria Munger; Intermediate Cake Decorating-Payton Branstetter; Advanced Cake Decorating-Adrianne Nuxoll.
Receiving the adult volunteer Distinguished Service Award was Candace Johnston.
4-H Specialty Project Awards:
Top Photography-Kelly Turney.
Outstanding Leadership-Stephanie Jungert.
Know Your Government-Darby Finnegan.
Top Project Awards:
Citizenship and Civic Education-Bailie Gehring, Citizenship Washington Focus
Communications & Expressive Arts-1. Rachael Ringer, Ceramics; 2. Wyatt Thanstrom, Photography; 3. Carly Reuter, Scrapbooking; 4. Savannah Thanstrom, Scrapbooking.
Environmental Education & Earth Scirences-Sarah Baune, Archery.
Family & Consumer Sciences-Davi Murphy, Quilting.

Part of the 4-H Style Show opening production number.

Three Making the Most of Me, Setting the Stage models and their “mini-mes” as each had a doll dressed similar to themselves. From left they are Halle Klapprich, Olivia Klapprich and Anna Kaschmitter.

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