Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

To The Editor:  
Please pass along a big hello to all friends of Idaho County and mother Earth!  
To those of you who are interested in recycling and who bring your recyclables to the Cottonwood site (across Broadway from Columbia Grain) on Saturdays between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Perhaps you’ve heard the ads about Idaho County Recycling on the radio.  Perhaps you’ve visited the Facebook page:  
https://www.facebook.com/IdahoCountyRecyclingPOor Web-site:http://www.idahocounty.org/recycling-home
Did you know that Idaho County Recycling is an organization staffed entirely by volunteers and operating under the authority of the Idaho County Commissioners?  Although waste management is a low profit activity, thanks to our many patrons, Idaho County Recycling has already diverted more than $75,000 in service (tipping) fees from the landfills that blight the Earth. If you expect to be living here ten years from now, you will probably see recycling become mandatory rather than voluntary. If you have issues with recycling, and there is some way we can help you make recycling easier, please let us know.
Idaho County Recycling welcomes volunteers in many capacities:  Grant-writing, Community Outreach, Youth Outreach, Educational Programs, Advertising, Promotional Campaigns, Volunteer Recruitment, and Site Volunteers.We welcome volunteers of youth groups and community groups.  We appreciate all constructive suggestions for improvement.
If you would be interested in volunteering to work at the Cottonwood site, please contact K. Steinke (wife of Jim).
Kathleen Steinke

Dear Editor: 
Unbelievably, all indications are that the United States government is positioning itself to move militarily against yet another sovereign Mid-East nation  - once again, unconstitutionally and without provocation.  Shades of Iraq and Afghanistan continuing!
The pretext this time is that poisonous gases were used on innocent people, albeit a tragic fact apparently beyond question.
Glaring problem, however:   While an ever-compliant U.S. media continuously confirms that such crime indeed was committed, it meticulously avoids exploring by whom it was committed.  Except for us Americans, practically the whole world knows that the perpetrator was not the Syrian government, but was instead U.S. and Israeli-backed, anti-Assad, rebel forces.  But, as with Iraq before, if regime change is the pre-decided objective, such mitigating truth is not allowed to matter.
Hence, this personal appeal to my countrymen:  If government "of the (good) people, for the (good) people and by the (good) people" means anything at all, it means that we all should be screaming for justice here.  Understand:  A U.S. military assault on the nation of Syria is every bit as wrong at a national and global level as would be my like assault upon you, your home and family on a personal level.  Which of us would ever stand by for that?!
Please call the White House at (202) 456-1414 and tell Mr. Obama that he has no justification.  Contact also your "vacationing" congressmen and demand they turn and do right.  U.S. imperialism must cease, or America itself will soon be finished. 
Thank you.
Carol Asher

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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