Solicitor ordinance passed
The Cottonwood City Council approved a solicitor ordinance at their regular September meeting Monday, Sept. 9.
The ordinance, printed on page 10 of this week’s Chronicle, requires door-to-door solicitors to register with the city clerk and also provides for a do not solicit list. The ordinance passed 3-1 with councilor Shelli Schumacher voting nay.
A resolution regarding the Ironwood LLC Housing Area was tabled after discussion.
Also discussed was the problem of horse droppings. It was noted that the city is not an open range. In relation to this matter, an NICI offender work crew will clean up Main Street after next year’s Fair parade.
A motion was approved to write off two bad utility debts and send them to a collection agency.
Donna Wassmuth of the Prairie Community Library appeared before the council and asked for approval of a catering permit for the Library’s Brats and Brew Festival. Her request was approved by the council.
The joint service agreement with Idaho County Dispatch was discussed. It was noted that they signed a 4-year contract effective Oct. 1, 2012, so it has 3 more years to run.
In the reports Ron Grant updated the council on the stormwater project. They are currently working on catch basins.
Jack Duman reported the grant application for sidewalks was submitted. He is also working on a grant application for a CRABS project, similar to the ones recently completed on Butler St. and Smith and North Streets in the Terrace Addition, for East Street from Foster to Cottonwood Butte Road. This is targeted for 2015.
Grant reported there was just one rural call this past month for the Fire Department.
The next regular meeting of the City Council will be Tuesday, October 15 at 7 p.m.

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