Lady Pirates beat C.V, Grangeville
The Prairie Lady Pirates won a pair of volleyball matches last week as they swept Clearwater Valley in a league match and then defeated Grangeville in 4 games.
On Tuesday, Sept. 10 they beat C.V. 25-5, 25-8, 25-12 in a league match at Cottonwood. On Thursday, Sept. 12 they hosted Grangeville and lost the first game but came back with 3 straight wins, 20-25, 25-15, 25-15, 25-20.
The first game against C.V. was so lopsided that Prairie sent only 4 players to the service line and served 100%. C.V. bricked a serve to start the game then Hailey Danly served Prairie to an 11-0 lead with 6 aces along with 3 kills by Shayla VonBargen and 1 by Leah Holthaus.Krystin Uhlenkott tips the ball away from a Grangeville blocker. At left is Leah Holthaus.
C.V. finally scored a sideout but VonBargen scored a kill to put Holthaus on the service line and she served Prairie to a 20-1 lead with 7 straight aces. A kill be Natasha Gimmeson scored the 20th point.
Gimmeson was able to serve out the game as she took over following a kill by Kayla Schumacher at 22-5. A kill each by Krystin Uhlenkott and Danly brought it to game point and Gimmeson served up an ace to end it.
It took 5 servers to get through the second game and Prairie again served 100%. Danly started it with an 11-0 run that included 6 aces. Schumacher had a pair of stuff blocks plus a kill and Holthaus added 2 kills.
Prairie continued to dominate although C.V. had a little more success siding out. It was 18-8 when C.V. missed a serve that gave Uhlenkott her first chance of the night to serve. She had 2 aces including the game-ender while VonBargen scored 2 kills and Holthaus added another as Uhlenkott served out the game.
In the third game C.V. took their only lead of the night at 1-3 but Holthaus served Prairie to a 5-3 lead and VonBargen added 3 aces with a kill by Danly to make it 10-4 before she had Prairieís first missed serve of the night.
Prairie would miss two more serves in the game for 3 total on the night but along the way Uhlenkott had a 5-point run that included 3 aces plus a kill each by Holthaus and Schumacher.
Holthaus wound up serving out the match after taking over at 21-12. She had 2 aces while Uhlenkott and VonBargen each added a kill.
Uhlenkott wound up with 9 kills and 5 aces in the match. VonBargen had 8 kills and 3 aces. Holthaus had 7 kills and 12 aces. Schumacher had 8 kills including 2 stuffs. Danly had 3 kills, 12 aces and 17 assists. Gimmeson had 2 kills, 8 assists and 2 aces. Bruner had 1 kill and 1 assist.
Prairie also swept the JV match 25-7, 25-14, 15-4.
Jessi Riener had a huge serving run in the opening game as she took over at 3-3 and before C.V. finally scored a sideout it was 18-3. She had 7 aces in her run while Mykaela McWilliams had 4 kills. Sarah Seubert had 2 kills and Talyss Lustig added a kill.
After a trade of sideouts Lustig served 3 aces and McWilliams added a kill to get the game to 23-4. C.V. scored 3 straight points before a stuff by McWilliams gave Seubert the chance to end the game on an ace.
In the second game Riener had another big service run as she took over at 4-2 and served Prairie to a 14-2 lead. This time it was 9 aces plus 1 kill by McWilliams before Riener possibly got tired and served one into the net.
C.V. had a bit of a rally to cut the lead to 16-10 but Prairie was able to hold them off and win by 11.
In the third game it was Kylie Tidwell who had the big service run. The score was just 7-3 when she took over and she had 5 aces plus a kill by Riener that made it 13-3. After a trade of sideouts, Chaye Uptmor score the match-ending kill on Hanna Rossí serve.
The CV was also victorious in all three games, no scores available.
Vs. Grangeville
Beka Bruner digs a serve in the Grangeville match at Cottonwood. At left is Leah Holthaus while at right is Natasha Gimmeson.In the opening game against Grangeville the Bulldogs stormed out to leads of 0-7, 1-10 and 4-17 as Prairie struggled with their defense.
Grangeville led 9-23 when Prairie started to rally. Danly, who had missed her first serve of the game, fared a lot better the second time through. She served 3 aces while VonBargen had 4 kills and stuff and Holthaus added another kill to cut the lead to 18-23.
Grangeville finally got the sideout to get to game point but Prairie staved off 2 of those on a kill and then an ace by Holthaus before a hitting error ended it.
Prairie carried the late game momentum into the rest of the match. Danly served 2 aces to get the second game started and then 2 stuff blocks by Schumacher helped put Prairie up 7-3.
Grangeville was able to come back to take a 7-8 lead but a stuff by Uhlenkott put Gimmeson on the service line for a 6-point run. She had 4 aces while Schumacher had a stuff and a kill as Prairie took a 14-8 lead.
After trading sideouts Uhlenkott served 3 aces while Schumacher and Holthaus each added a kill to help Prairie open up a 21-9 lead. Prairie then held on to win by 10.
In the third game Danly serve Prairie to a 5-0 lead after a bricked serve by Grangeville opened the game. She had an ace while VonBargen had 2 kills.
Prairie pushed the lead to 10-2 before Grangeville rallied back to within 3 at 13-10. A foot fault ended that service run and Schumacher served up 2 aces with a kill be VonBargen that made it 17-10.
Grangeville got no closer than 6 the rest of the way with a pair of Schumacher kills ending the game.
In game 4 Danly served Prairie to a 7-0 lead with 4 aces plus 2 kills by Holthaus. Danly even added a back row kill as a dig made its way to an open spot on Grangevilleís side.
Grangeville fought their way back into the game though and eventually took a 16-17 lead before a bricked serve put Holthaus on the service line. 2 kills by Uhlenkott and 3 aces later Prairie was up 22-17.
Grangeville managed to get back within 3 at 23-20 but two kills by Schumacher ended the match in Prairieís favor.Krystin Uhlenkott tips the ball away from a Grangeville blocker. At the bottom of the photo is Hailey Danly.
For the match Schumacher had 15 kills including 4 stuffs plus 4 aces. Holthaus had 15 kills, 2 assists and 5 aces. VonBargen had 9 kills including 2 stuffs and 3 aces. Uhlenkott had 9 kills including 1 stuff and 5 aces. Danly had 2 kills, 10 aces and 18 assists. Gimmeson had 1 kill, 6 aces and 13 assists. Bruner had 1 assist.
With the wins Prairie improves to 3-1 on the season, 2-1 in league play.
In the JV match Prairie won all three games 25-16, 25-14, 15-7.
In the opening game Grangeville took a 0-2 lead but Prairie came back to take a 4-3 lead and never trailed again.
Grangeville twice cut the lead to 1 at 5-4 and 7-6 but that was it.
Tidwell served 2 aces and McWilliams added a kill to create some separation at 11-6.
Seubert served 3 straight aces to make it 15-8.
Grangeville was able to get back within 4 at 16-12 and again at 20-16.
Riener wound up serving out the game after a kill be Seubert made it 21-16. Riener had 2 aces while McWilliams and Sam Remacle each added a kill.
Prairie never trailed in the second game as Uptmor served them to a 4-0 lead with 3 aces plus a kill by Riener.
Three aces by Darlene Gehring and 2 by Riener helped keep Grangeville at bay.
Ross wound up serving out the game to clinch the match. Holli Uhlorn and Gehring each had a kill and Ross finished it off with an ace.
In the third game it looked like Grangeville might salvage a win when they took a 5-6 lead. A kill be Remacle though put herself at the service line and 4 aces plus 2 kills by Lustig made it 12-6.
McWilliams wound up serving the final 2 points of the match on an ace and a match-ending kill by Uptmor.
Leah Holthaus spikes the ball against Grangeville. Also shown are Natasha Gimmeson, 2, and Shayla VonBargen, 4.

Lady Pirates win Grangeville Tournament title
The Prairie Lady Pirates swept their way through the Grangeville Volleyball Tournament and defended their title Saturday, Sept. 14 at Grangeville.
Prairie defeated Nezperce 25-17 and 25-10; Kamiah 25-10 and 25-21 and Summit 25-19 and 25-16 in pool play. In the semifinals they beat C.V. 25-18 and 25-14. In the finals they knocked off host Grangeville 25-22 and 25-23.Kayla Schumacher was a force at the net all day long for Prairie.
Summit Academy was also at the tournament and came away with the consolation championship despite losing all three matches in pool play.
The Patriots lost to Kamiah 25-27, 25-17, 9-15 to open the day. They then lost to Nezperce 19-25, 7-25 before losing to Prairie in pool play. They then played Cascade, who had finished third in the other pool and after an ugly 11-25 loss in the first game rallied to win 25-21 and 15-4. In the consolation final they faced Kamiah again and this time won out. Scores unavailable.
Summit vs. Kamiah
Summit Academy opened the dayís play against Kamiah and jumped out to a 4-0 lead behind 3 aces from Rachael Frei. Kamiah came back to take a 6-9 lead and the rest of the game was a battle back and forth.
On Freiís second service turn summit reclaimed the lead as she had 3 aces while Megan Seubert had a kill and a stuff block as Summit turned a 12-13 deficit into a 19-13 lead.
Kamiah again rallied back to take a 21-22 lead before bricking a serve.
An ace by Rachel Waters and a back row dig by Megan Rehder gave Summit the first game-point chance at 24-22. Kamiah was able to tie it at 24 but a tip by Sarah Chmelik gave Summit another game-point chance. A missed serve cost them and Kamiah scored the next 2 points.
Summit came right back in the second game as Chmelik and Seubert had big service runs that opened up the score. Chmelik had 3 aces and Seubert a stuff as Summit took a 14-7 lead. Two service turns later Seubert took over at 16-12 and served Summit to a 23-12 lead. She had only 1 ace by freshman Alli Hale dominated from her middle blocker spot with 4 kills and a stuff. 
Another kill be Hale gave Summit a game-point opportunity at 24-15. Kamiah fought two of them off before missing a serve to give Summit the game.
The deciding game was close until a missed serve at 8-9 turned the serve over to Kamiah who scored the next 4 points and held on to win 9-15.
Prairie vs. Nezperce
Prairie and Nezperce arenít scheduled to play in the regular season this year so this is the only way theyíll see each other. 
The first game was played very evenly early on with Prairie taking brief 1-point leads at 5-4, 6-5, 7-6 and 8-7.
The Pirates finally managed to string some points together after a dig by Krystin Uhlenkott put Leah Holthaus on the service line. 2 aces and another kill be Uhlenkott and Prairie had a 15-12 lead.
After a couple of sideouts, 2 kills by Kayla Schumacher bracketing an ace by Natasha Gimmeson put Prairie up 20-14.
Prairie then scored the gameís final 3 points to win by 8. 
In the second game Nezperce led early on but 6 aces in a row by Gimmeson put Prairie up 11-6. Several sideouts later Schumacher served 3 aces with a kill by Gimmeson added in to make it 18-8. 
After another pair of sieouts, Hailey Danly served an ace with a kill each by Leah Holthaus, Gimmeson and Shayla VonBargen making it 23-9. After another pair of sideouts Holthaus both served and got the match-ending kill from the back row.
Summit vs. Nezperce
After losing to Prairie, Nezperce had to play Summit in the next match.
The opening game was played within a couple of points until late when Nezperce put together a 5-point run to turn a 15-17 lead into a 15-22 lead. Summit wasnít able to rally and lost by 6.
The second game was dominated by Nezperce as they got a 10-point service run that turned Summitís 2-0 lead after 2 aces by Frei, into a 2-10 deficit.
Later at 6-12, Nezperce put together a huge service run that took them all the way to 6-24 before trading sideouts to end the match.
Prairie vs. Kamiah
Prairie got off to a slow start against Kamiah as the Kubs jumped out to a 0-5 lead.
Once they got the sideout on a back row kill by Beka Bruner, Prairie took off and never looked back. Danly served the Pirates into the lead with 3 aces plus 2 kills by Holthaus and another each by Gimmeson and Danly.
Kamiah mustered only 1 more point while they were serving. Meanwhile Prairie got a 3-point run from Holthaus, a 7 point run from VonBargen and a 4-point run from Gimmeson as they outscored Kamiah 25-5 after falling into the early deficit.
Prairie again fell behind early in the second game but 3 aces by VonBargen put Prairie into the lead for good.
Kamiah was able to get back within 2 points at 15-13 but a stuff and a huge spike on first hit by Schumacher  followed by a 4-point run that included 3 aces by Gimmeson and Prairie was on their way to another match win.
Prairie vs. Summit
Krystin Uhlenkott spikes the ball during the Grangeville Tournament.Prairie jumped out to a 7-0 lead as Danly had 3 aces and Holthaus had 2 kills. 
After a couple of aces by VonBargen along with 2 kills by Schumacher, Prairie had a 14-5 lead.
Summit showed some fight though and behind a pair of aces each from Seubert and Hale they made the final score relatively close.
In the second game Prairie led early on thanks to 2 aces each from Holthaus, VonBargen and Schumacher that made it 11-7. Summit came back though to take an 11-12 lead on a pair of aces by Chmelik and a kill and a stuff by Seubert.
VonBargen tied things with a kill and Danly put together a big service run to give Prairie a 19-12 lead. VonBargen had 3 kills, Holthaus 2 and Gimmeson 1 in that run. 
Prairie then held off Summit the rest of the way for a 9-point win.
Summit vs. Cascade
In the opening game of the consolation rounds Summit looked like they were ready to give it up for the day as they had yet to win a match.
Cascade rolled to an easy 11-25 win where they scored the final 10 points of the game.
When they fell behind 10-17 in the second game it did not look good. Coach Heidi Waters called a timeout at that point and Summit got the sideout. Frei then served up 3 aces and after a trade of sideouts, Seubert served up 4 more to tie the game at 18.
Cascade led 18-19 and 19-20 but a dig kill by Waters put herself at the service line. She had 2 aces and Chmelik a kill to give Summit a 23-20 lead. 
Cascade scored a sideout but Hale stuffed a spike attempt then served up the winning point with Frei scoring the kill.
In the deciding game it was close until Rehder put together a big service run. She took over at 5-2 after a kill by Hale and had 7 aces with Chmelik, Kaitlyn Stubbers and Frei adding kills as Summit took a 14-2 lead.
Cascade scored the sideout at that point and added an ace before Frei scored the match-winning kill.
That put Summit into the consolation final for a rematch with Kamiah and this time they won. No scores available.
Prairie vs. C.V.
In the semifinal round Prairie faced C.V. who they had beaten easily a few days earlier in a league match. This time the Rams proved a tougher foe as they jumped out to a 1-6 lead on the Pirates and still lead at 11-15.
At that point Danly scored a sideout kill sending Holthaus to the service line. Holthaus had 4 aces with Uhlenkott adding 2 kills as Prairie took an 18-15 lead.
C.V. cut the lead back to 18-17 before another kill by Uhlenkott. After trading sideouts Schumacher scored a kill to send Gimmeson to the service line. She had 3 straight aces to get to 24-18 and Uhlenkott then scored the game-winning kill on a tip.
C.V. again took the early lead in the second game but Prairie didnít wait quite so long to take the lead for good.
A sideout kill by Schumacher was followed by a kill each by Danly and Uhlenkott, an ace by Gimmeson and a stuff by Schumacher to put Prairie up 11-6.
2 aces by Uhlenkott and a 4-point service run by Schumacher where VonBargen had a pair of kills, Danly a stuff and Uhlenkott a kill saw Prairie take a 19-10 lead. They went on to win by 11 and advance to play Grangeville in the championship match.
Prairie vs. Grangeville
Grangeville was seeking a measure of revenge for the match loss 2 nights earlier and both games in the championship match were battles between two good teams.
In the opening game Prairieís biggest lead was the 3-point final margin while Grangeville also never led by more than 3.
Grangevilleís biggest lead came at 18-21 after a 5-point run that turned a 2-point deficit around. 
A net foul against Grangeville scored the sideout and Schumacher served Prairie to a 22-21 lead with an ace and a kill each from VonBargen and Danly.
A missed spike scored the sideout but Prairie got the serve back on a kill to the left corner by VonBargen. VonBargen then scored a stuff and the game winning kill.
In the second game Grangeville took a 0-3 lead and led most of the game.
Prairie took a brief lead at 8-6 after an ace by VonBargen and a kill each from Uhlenkott and Schumacher.
Grangeville came back to take a 10-15 lead and stretched it to 11-19 and it appeared the match was headed to a third and deciding game.
A bad serve by Grangeville gave the serve to Prairie and Danly had 2 aces while Holthaus had a stuff and a kill to cut the margin to 16-19.
Prairie fought back to tie it at 21 on an ace by VonBargen.
Grangeville took a 21-23 lead but Schumacher cut a spike down the net to the sideline for the sideout. Two aces by Gimmeson put Prairie on the brink and Schumacher ended it by stuffing a Grangeville spike attempt.
For Prairie Uhlenkott had 37 kills and 5 aces on the day. VonBargen had 31 kills including 3 stuffs and 19 aces. Schumacher had 29 kills including 6 stuffs and 7 aces. Holthaus had 25 kills including a stuff and 12 aces. Gimmeson had 10 kills including a stuff, 18 aces and 29 assists. Danly had 8 kills including a stuff, 16 aces and 66 assists. Bruner had 7 assists and 2 back row kills.
For Summit (excluding the final match against Kamiah which was the same time as Prairie vs. Grangeville), Hale had 21 kills including 4 stuffs, 3 assists and 5 aces. Seubert had 17 kills including 6 stuffs and 12 aces. Rehder had 9 kills and 11 aces. Frei had 8 kills, 20 aces and 29 assists. Chmelik had 15 kills, 2 assists and 6 aces. Waters had 2 kills, 5 aces and 14 assists. Stubbers had 5 assists and 3 kills.
Named to the all-tournament team were Kayla Schumacher and Leah Holthaus for Prairie and Ally Hale for Summit.
With the 5-0 record on the day Prairie improves to 8-1 on the season.
Summitís 2-3 record on the day makes them 2-7 on the season. Summit photos from the tournament are on the Summit page.

Crosscountry at Chief Timothy Park
The Highland Crosscountry team which includes several Prairie athletes competed at the Asotin XC Island Run Invite Saturday, Sept. 14.
Peter Spencer of Cottonwood was the top finisher among boys on the Highland team as he placed third overall in 14:50.29. Ryan Glimp of Prairie was 59th overall in 20:22.04.
For the girls team Sky Wilson was 15th overall in 19:57.86 and Sydney Glimp was 41st overall in 27:40.54.
The next meet is this Saturday, Sept. 21 at Clarkston High School for the Seaport Invite.

Prairieís Sky Wilson finished 15th overall in the girls varsity cross country run at Chief Timothy Park this past Saturday. Photo by Steve Wherry.

JV time is 6 p.m. with varsity to follow, except where indicated. 
26-Grangeville Jamboree, 5 p.m.-Rescheduled to August 26
  3-Troy*, there, 5 p.m., C/JV/V, lost in 3 games
  7-Genesee JV Tournament, TBA
  9-Lapwai*, there, C/JV/V, 5 p.m. rescheduled from Aug. 29, won in 3 games
10-C.V.*, here, C/JV/V, 5 p.m., won in 3 games
11-JV at Sacajawea, 5 p.m.
12-Gíville, here, 5 p.m., C/JV/V, won in 4 games
14-Grangeville Tournament, TBA, first place with 5-0 match record, 10-0 game record.
17-Kamiah*, here, won in 3 games, details next week
19-Tri-match at Genesee-vs. Potlatch*, vs. Genesee*, 5 p.m.
21-Border Battle Tournament at Pomeroy
21-Prairie JV Tournament
26-Lapwai*, here, C/JV/V, 5 p.m.
  1-CV*, there, C/JV/V, 5 p.m.
  3-Genesee*, here, C/JV/V, 5 p.m.
  7-Home Tri-match vs. Highland, vs. Summit, 5 p.m.
  8-Potlatch*, there
10-Troy*, here, 5 p.m., C/JV/V
15-Kamiah*, there
17-Gíville, there, 5 p.m., C/JV/V
19-24-District at LCSC
Nov. 1-2-State at Lewiston

Prairie/Highland Crosscountry schedule
Sept. 21-Seaport Invite, Clarkston High School. V girls, 11 a.m.; V boys 11:30 a.m, JV noon
Sept. 28-Inland Empire High School Cross Country, Lewiston Orchards. V girls 10 a.m.; V boys, 10:45 a.m.; JV girls, 11:30 a.m.; JV boys 12:15 p.m.
Oct. 4-Bob Weisle Invitational, Phillips Farm, Moscow. Freshman race, 11:30 a.m.; Sophs, 12 noon; Juniors, 12:30 p.m.; Seniors, 1 p.m.
Oct. 12-Grangeville Meet, Lions Park. V girls, 11 a.m.; V boys, 11:45 a.m.; JV, 12:30 p.m.
Oct. 24-District Meet, Lions Park, Grangeville, start times TBA
Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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