Lady Pirates win 2 of 3
The Prairie Lady Pirates went 2-1 in league matches last week, sweeping Kamiah at Cottonwood Tuesday, Sept. 17 then in a tri-match at Genesee on Thursday, Sept. 19 they swept Potlatch and then were swept by Genesee.
Vs. Kamiah
Prairie had little trouble beating Kamiah as they won by scores of 25-18, 25-13 and 25-11.Shayla VonBargen hits a spike against Kamiah. Also shown from left are Hailey Danly and Natasha Gimmeson.
The first game though was actually close early on as Prairie led just 7-6 when Hailey Danly scored a kill to put Kayla Schumacher on the service line. She had 2 aces with Shayla VonBargen adding a pair of kills and Leah Holthaus another as Prairie took a 14-7 lead.
The lead held at about 5-7 points until Natasha Gimmeson put together a 5-point run of her own with 2 aces plus a kill by Beka Bruner and a stuff block and a kill by Schumacher that made it 23-12. Kamiah outscored Prairie the remainder of the game but not enough to erase an 11-point deficit as Prairie won by 7.
Danly served Prairie to a 7-0 lead in the second game with 5 aces plus a kill each from VonBargen and Holthaus.
After a sideout on a violation, Kamiah bricked their first serve and an ace by Holthaus plus a kill each by Krystin Uhlenkott and Gimmeson made it 11-1.
Kamiah got no closer than 8 points the rest of the game.
In the third game Prairie jumped out to a 9-1 lead thanks in large part to a 6-pooint service run by Holthaus which included 3 aces plus 2 kills by Schumacher and an additional kill by Uhlenkott.
The margin stayed at around 9 to 11 points most of the rest of the game until Uhlenkott went to the service line at 22-11. She had an ace and VonBargen added 2 kills to finish off the match.
For the match VonBargen had 15 kills including 2 stuffs and an ace. Uhlenkott had 10 kills and an ace. Holthaus had 7 kills and 6 aces. Schumacher had 6 kills including a stuff and 3 aces. Danly had 4 kills, 7 aces and 22 assists. Gimmeson had 3 kills, 3 aces and 11 assists. Bruner had 2 assists and a kill.
The JV team also easily won all three games against Kamiah by scores of 25-11, 25-9 and 15-3.
Kamiah led the first game at 2-4 then Jessi Riener served 5 straight points with 2 aces plus a kill each by Sam Remacle, Talyss Lustig and Mykaela McWilliams to take an 8-4 lead.
Lustig also had a 5-point run that included 4 aces plus a kill by McWilliams that pushed the lead to 14-6.
They coasted to the win from there. 
Beka Bruner makes a pass in the Kamiah match.Prairie never trailed in the second game as Chaye Uptmor scored 2 aces after an opening point sideout for a 3-0 lead. 
Holli Uhlorn had a 5-point service run that broke it open to an 11-3 lead with 4 aces plus a kill by Riener.
Hanna Ross later had 3 aces to make it 19-5 and Darlene Gehring served the final 2 points to make their biggest lead be the final score.
The final game was just 5-2 when McWilliams went to the service line. 7 aces, 2 kills by Uptmor and a kill be Uhlorn later Prairie was up 14-2 when Kamiah finally scored a sideout. Kamiah then missed their serve to end the match.
Vs. Potlatch
In their match against Potlatch at Genesee, Prairie won by scores of 26-24, 25-23 and 25-12.
The first two games were obviously tough battles but they prevailed each time and then cruised to the match-clinching win.
Uhlenkott had 12 kills and 7 digs in the match while Danly had 23 assists and 7 digs.
Prairie also won the JV match, no scores available.
Vs. Genesee
Against host Genesee, Prairie was swept 12-25, 17-25 and 14-25.
The Bulldogs remain unbeaten in league play.
Genesee also won the JV match by scores of 25-16, 10-25, 11-15.
After Thursday’s matches Prairie is 4-2 in league play and 10-2 overall.

Lady Pirates help Idaho win Border Battle
Prairie finished with a game-record of 7-8 at the 4th annual Border Battle Volleyball Tournament at Pomeroy Saturday, Sept. 21.
They were part of Idaho’s third straight victory in the series as Idaho won 39 games to 36 for Washington.Krystin Uhlenkott goes for the kill against Dayton at the Border Battle. Also shown is Leah Holthaus. Uhlenkott was the Lewiston Tribune’s Athlete of the Week last week.
Prairie had a rough start to the day as they were swept by Pomeroy 16-25, 18-25 and 9-15. In their second round they were beaten by St. John-Endicott 25-23, 17-25, 9-15. In their third round they lost to Clarkston 25-21, 22-25, 10-15. In the fourth round they swept Dayton 25-13. 25-22 and 15-10. In their final match of the day they beat Asotin 25-10, 21-25 and 15-7.
With their 2-3 match record on the day they are now 12-5 on the season.
Vs. Pomeroy
In the opening game against Pomeroy, Prairie lead at 2-0 and again at 11-10 but Pomeroy pulled away late for a 9-point victory.
In the second game Prairie fell behind 0-5 and never got any closer than 3 points at 7-10 and 12-15 as Pomeroy led the whole game.
They also quickly fell behind in the third game and never led as Pomeroy rolled to the win.
Prairie played like they hadn’t quite woken up from their early morning bus trip.
Vs. St. John-Endicott
It looked like more of the same against St. John-Endicott as they fell behind early in the first game and trailed most of the way.
Prairie was down 15-22 when the Eagles bricked a serve. Natasha Gimmeson served an ace to cut the lead to 17-22.
The Eagles scored a sideout but Kayla Schumacher scored a kill to put Krystin Uhlenkott on the service line.
Uhlenkott was then able to serve out the game with 5 aces plus 2 kills by Schumacher as Prairie pulled out a 25-23 win.
The second game saw Prairie jump out to leads of 4-2 and 5-3 but the Eagles came back to take the lead for good behind the a 6-point service run. 
Prairie fought their way back within 3 at 16-19 on an ace by Holthaus but the Eagles best player scored a kill for a sideout and then served up 4 straight aces to all but put the game away. There were no rosters available but this player was close to 6 foot tall and had a deadly jump serve that came over the net as hard as any spike the Pirates had seen this year.
Kayla Schumacher and Natasha Gimmeson go for a block against St. John Endicott.In the third game Prairie again led early at 5-2 as Shayla VonBargen scored a kill and then a stuff. 
The Eagles came back to take a 5-6 lead but then missed a serve. A kill by Uhlenkott gave Prairie their final lead of the match at 7-6. They were outscored 2-9 the rest of the game.
Vs. Clarkston
The Clarkston match was very similar to the St. John-Endicott match in that Prairie came back to win the first game after trailing early and then lost the next two games.
Prairie trailed 5-11 in the opening game but came back to tie the game at 15-15 on consecutive kills by Leah Holthaus.
They took the lead on an ace by Holthaus at 17-16 with a kill each by VonBargen and Uhlenkott following that.
Clarkston was able to pull back within 1 at 20-19 before bricking a serve. 
Stuffs by Danly and Schumacher helped make it 23-20 and a kill by Holthaus made it 24-20.
Clarkston scored the sideout but Schumacher scored the game-winning kill.
Prairie took a 2-0 lead in the second game but their latest lead came at 4-3. After falling behind they were able to tie the score at 13 and again at 21 after trailing by as many as 5 points but were never able to reclaim the lead.
In the third game Clarkston jumped on top 0-3 and never trailed.
Vs. Dayton
Prairie picked up their first match win of the day against Dayton.
It started well with a stuff block by VonBargen opening the scoring. Danly added an ace to make it 2-0.
Prairie opened up the lead with Uhlenkott serving 3 straight points to make it 10-4. A trade of sideouts later the score was 10-5. Yes, 10-5. There were a couple of re-serves due to the ball coming in from the other court and somehow Prairie lost a point in the process. 
Fortunately the lost point did not figure into whether Prairie won or lost as Schumacher served Prairie to a 13-5 lead and Beka Bruner served 3 points later on to make it 21-11. Uhlenkott served up 2 straight aces to end the game at 25-13 (which as it turns out would’ve been the final score either way although we fell it took Prairie 26 points to end the game.)Leah Holthaus slams the ball against Pomeroy at the Border Battle. Behind her is Krystin Uhlenkott.
Things even out though as there was more scoring confusion in the second game with Prairie being given a point that we aren’t sure where it came from.
Dayton scored the first 2 points but Prairie came back to take an 8-4 lead as Danly and Holthaus each had 2 service points and Bruner added another.
The extra point may have come during Uhlenkott’s service turn as she appeared to have 3 straight aces but one of them we thought was called a re-serve on a disputed call between the referee and line judge. The score was 14-8 after a sideout.
After another trade of sideouts all of a sudden it was 16-9.
Eventually Dayton cut the lead down to 19-17 before missing a serve. 
Four more times they pulled within 2 at 21-19, 22-20, 23-21 and 24-22 when we think it should have been just a 1 point margin each time.
Anyway, Prairie was given the win when VonBargen scored a kill to make it 25-22. 
The third game went back and forth as it was tied five times but Prairie trailed just once at 2-3.
Back-to-back kills by Holthaus made it 11-9 and an ace by Schumacher made it 12-9.
After a trade of sideouts it was 13-10 with Danly at the service line. Two kills by VonBargen and Prairie had a sweep and their first match win of the day.
Vs. Asotin
The opening game against Asotin was close until Uhlenkott’s turn at the service line. She took over after a bricked serve gave Prairie a 6-5 lead. When Asotin finally scored the sideout on a Prairie hitting error, the Pirates had posted 10 straight points with Uhlenkott serving 5 aces while Schumacher had 2 kills and Holthaus and Gimmeson added 1 each.
Consecutive kills by Holthaus and 2 aces by Schumacher and Prairie had a 20-8 lead.
Danly then served the final 4 points with 2 aces and a kill each by Uhlenkott and Holthaus.
In the second game neither team led by more than 4 points. Prairie led by 3 points on 3 different occasions but the last time came at 13-10. Asotin’s 3-point leads came at 15-18 and 21-25. In another scoring snafu both Prairie coach Cheyenne Hudson and your report had the score at 22-24 while the official scorer had it at 21-24. Again it didn’t really make a difference as Asotin scored the winning point on the next serve.
In the third game Bruner had 3 straight aces to help turn a 2-3 deficit into a 7-3 lead.
Later on 2 kills each by Schumacher and Holthaus and an ace by Uhlenkott pushed Prairie’s lead to 13-5.
After 2 Asotin points Schumacher scored a kill and then served up an ace to end the match.
For the day VonBargen had 39 kills including 7 stuffs with 2 assists and 1 ace. Holthaus had 39 kills including a stuff with 6 assists and 8 aces. Schumacher had 38 kills including 6 stuffs with 7 aces. Uhlenkott had 37 kills, including 2 stuffs plus 19 aces and 3 assists. Gimmeson had 11 kills including 2 stuffs with 55 assists and 5 aces. Danly had 9 kills including 2 stuffs with 77 assists and 11 aces. Bruner had 5 kills, 4 assists and 8 aces.
In the statewide standings Idaho was led by White Pine League powers Troy and Genesee. Troy was a perfect 15-0 on the day while Genesee was 13-2. Orofino was 4-11 and Kamiah was 0-15. Pomeroy had the best Washington record at 9-6 with Clarkston at 8-7, SJE and Asotin at 7-8 each and Dayton at 5-10.
Hailey Danly makes a set with Leah Holthaus and Shayla VonBargen both getting ready depending on which way the set goes.
Shayla VonBargen tips the ball over agaisnt St. John-Endicott at the Border Battle. Also shown is Hailey Danly.

Crosscountry at Clarkston
Peter Spencer and Ryan Glimp competed at the Seaport Invite CrossCountry meet at Clarkston High School Saturday, Sept. 21.
Spencer was 5th overall in a time of 17:11.01 while Glimp finished 75th overall in 23:26.42.
Sky Wilson and Sydney Glimp were apparently unable to compete.

JV time is 6 p.m. with varsity to follow, except where indicated. 
26-Grangeville Jamboree, 5 p.m.-Rescheduled to August 26
  3-Troy*, there, 5 p.m., C/JV/V, lost in 3 games
  7-Genesee JV Tournament, TBA
  9-Lapwai*, there, C/JV/V, 5 p.m. rescheduled from Aug. 29, won in 3 games
10-C.V.*, here, C/JV/V, 5 p.m., won in 3 games
11-JV at Sacajawea, 5 p.m.
12-G’ville, here, 5 p.m., C/JV/V, won in 4 games
14-Grangeville Tournament, TBA, first place with 5-0 match record, 10-0 game record.
17-Kamiah*, here, won in 3 games
19-Tri-match at Genesee-vs. Potlatch*, vs. Genesee*, 5 p.m., beat Potlatch 3-0, lost to Genesee 0-3
21-Border Battle Tournament at Pomeroy
21-Prairie JV Tournament
26-Lapwai*, here, C/JV/V, 5 p.m.
  1-CV*, there, C/JV/V, 5 p.m.
  3-Genesee*, here, C/JV/V, 5 p.m.
  7-Home Tri-match vs. Highland, vs. Summit, 5 p.m.
  8-Potlatch*, there
10-Troy*, here, 5 p.m., C/JV/V
15-Kamiah*, there
17-G’ville, there, 5 p.m., C/JV/V
19-24-District at LCSC
Nov. 1-2-State at Lewiston

Prairie/Highland Crosscountry schedule
Sept. 28-Inland Empire High School Cross Country, Lewiston Orchards. V girls 10 a.m.; V boys, 10:45 a.m.; JV girls, 11:30 a.m.; JV boys 12:15 p.m.
Oct. 4-Bob Weisle Invitational, Phillips Farm, Moscow. Freshman race, 11:30 a.m.; Sophs, 12 noon; Juniors, 12:30 p.m.; Seniors, 1 p.m.
Oct. 12-Grangeville Meet, Lions Park. V girls, 11 a.m.; V boys, 11:45 a.m.; JV, 12:30 p.m.
Oct. 24-District Meet, Lions Park, Grangeville, start times TBA
Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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