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Photo Sought
One of the many construction jobs that I worked on while paying for my education was the Radar Station on Cottonwood, Butte.  Back in the summer of 1961, a huge crane was brought in to lift the rotating base for the installation of the 150 foot high radar screen onto the newly constructed tower.  I am looking for a color photograph of the radar tower taken after the screen was installed, but before the protective "bubble" was later installed over the screen.  Do any of your subscribers and/or readers happen to have such a photo?  If so, I would like to obtain a copy of the same.  If anyone has such a photo, please let me know.  Thanks in advance.  
Wayne J. Wimer, Esq.
Email: wjwincps@msn.com

Dear Editor!
One hears much about the new "Common Core" proposals coming out of Washington D.C. these days, and before concluding all is well, a careful look at the facts should be undertaken.
First, countless interventions in local education over the past 50 years have produced no real progress in education on the one hand while driving up costs almost beyond imagination! 
Item 1: One year of public or private college education in the late '50's cost one about $1000/year, this before the federal government became involved at all in education. Now it is well known that same year can cost from a minimum of $5000 public to $25,000 up in private schools. 
Item 2: From a near zero total debt of graduates in the late '50's, we are now told by government figures that total student debt from student loan programs today is in excess of one trillion dollars! Second, countless federal programs since have come and gone, SPURT, GOALS 2000, NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, etc., etc., all of which have raised costs significantly while having little if any impact on the overall quality of education!
And research will clearly prove that the core program will have a national testing program, the test currently being put together by progressive and suspect people at the federal level, that states and district which cooperate with the program will be expected to use. Thus local and state control will be forfeited to the national level, and textbooks will be designed to carry the "core" message. Thus student success on national tests will depend on their absorbing the "core" message and philosophy! This in view of the easily proved claim that textbook content is being heavily influenced today by CAIR, the Committee on American-Islamic Relations, meaning that local values and concerns may well disappear from our own content and curriculum!
So..., the "Common Core" effort is just another top-down program destined to prove costly and ineffective to say the least, while on the other hand, threatens to interfere or even destroy the bottom-up system which has been a basic ingredient in America's rise to the top of all nations on earth! I for one, based on my 50 years plus in the class room say "Avoid at all costs!" Lets keep instead the remarkable success of our past system of local districts producing productive citizens reflecting local values, all of  which combine in the end to make our country the greatest on earth!
Jake Wren

Guest Editorial by Scott Perrin of Cottonwood

The fourth of July is commonly firecracker day not Independence Day…simply because few people are actually independent. It’s difficult to pen the meaning of freedom and liberty because it’s the fruit of individual integrity and discipline over time.  For instance, one who is willing to plant a garden, turn the earth, sow the seed, water, weed….is free to have fresh produce at the end of the growing season, OR, if they choose to work and earn money they are free to trade their money for fresh produce.  Conversely, one who chooses not to work and raise a garden is not free to harvest their own fresh produce, OR, if they choose not to work at all, they still are not free to enjoy produce because they have no money or barter with which to trade.  With self-discipline over time, one is free to partake of the fruits of his or her labor.  Others without discipline are not free to do so. 
True, free people who actually can celebrate Independence Day are most commonly found in men and women who are independent or self-reliant through years of hard work and effort.  They are a master to no one…and in turn no one is a master of them.  Rarely do I hear them blame, whine or point fingers.  If there is a problem, they recognize their problems are in the mirror…and when they look again they recognize their solutions are in the mirror.  Their language is civil and they are not enslaved to vices of alcohol, internet, gaming, gambling, tobacco, porn, gossip, lying, or taking something that is not theirs (due to lack of self-discipline).  They are problem solvers, builders, and encouragers.  Amongst themselves I hear  “You play with the bull you get the horns”, “fish or cut bait”, “you made your bed, sleep in it”, “good work”, “fine job”, “well done”, “suck it up”, and “I know you are on hard times…here’s a little bit until you get back on your feet”.  They often are the most charitable people I meet and the most industrious.
Many will say self-discipline is too binding, too constricting…how can I be free if I’m bound to rules of individual discipline?  The answer is in the truth and reality that a powerful train is useless without railroad tracks.  Just like a new $45k pickup is also useless without a steering wheel. 
One of my favorite insects, is the ant, which has no ruler, nor overseer, or taskmaster, yet collects its food during the summer and is prepared for the winter. 
The original pilgrim community in 1680’s nearly starved or died of exposure that first season.  Conditions improved, but they did not prosper.  This was mostly due to merchant sponsored rules of a common store and common goods, and everyone got a common share….whether you were industrious or not.  Governor Bradford changed these arrangements the following years so that people received parcels of land and were paid by what they produced.  Those that worked harder earned more.  It was Providential.  A way of life available to all was born.  Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were soon written.  News spread and people came to America throughout the world in hope they were able to keep the fruit of their labor and live as they believed. 
The question to ask myself and ourselves is am I becoming free due to my choices and individual responsibility.  Am I free from debt or do I have unnecessary debt?  Am I free to swim (because I’ve learned or do I sit on the beach all day and splash in water and call it swimming)?  Am I free to drive (or do self-inflicted DUI’s and tickets stop me)? Am I free to walk without shortness of breath (or have I “sat “too much? Am I free to cook?  (Or have I forgotten how to cook because I let taxpayers do it for me via school breakfast).  Am I free to raise my children? (Or have I abdicated it to other citizens via school and because I’ve forgotten what it was like to be little).  If we are free due to our choices we can celebrate Independence Day as individuals.  If so as individuals, then collectively as a people, and a country. 
One of my favorite stories about choice and freedom is 6 friends in a rural community who found an old car on a hill above town.  Ambitious and energetic they decided to push the car and point it downhill towards town.  To their delight, the car moved and the steering wheel worked.  Everyone agreed to ride it back to town except 1 boy.  He said “No Way!”  He waved the other 5 friends off as the car began to roll.  Two bailed when they saw the brakes not “pumping up”….they rolled when they hit the ground.  The faster the car got though the less freedom the others had to get out due their decision to stay in the car.  Soon they realized the brakes weren’t good. Two more jumped resulting with 1 broken leg, abrasions, and a sprained ankle.  The final boy scoffed and said he would drive it out which he did until steering failed.  He now had no choice but to go where the car was going….into a ravine.  He didn’t walk away from it. 
As a people if we want to discover true freedom we are going to have to be more self-reliant and not fall for the charade of prosperity of “government” programs.  Elected officials have no money and are still borrowing billions a day.  If we do fall for it we will become indentured servants to pay for it. Sadly I think the debt is to help the one group of people in our country to live off the fruit of others…partly because of laziness and lack of self-disciplinebut mostly because they are above “working” and “producing”.  They believe they are the “elite” just like King George from whom our ancestors separated, and they should live in luxury.  Of course we won’t hone in on the fruits of our neighbor work in our community, but sometimes we don’t mind if elected officials take the money for us and then give it to us in the name of a program.  We grant true freedom to ourselves by our choices….not the government.  Our self-disciplined ancestors with the fruits of their labor created an organization or “government”, not to grant freedom, but to protect those who wanted freedom and liberty that resulted from self-discipline and work over time.   With this in mind the Constitution and Declaration of Independence will make more sense. And this is why, Constitution is currently hanging by a thread.

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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