Backcountry Horsemen make trip to 7 Devils
A group of nine Back Country Horsemen members went to the 7-devils on August 31st to build a turnpike on trail number 124.  
Kathy Conover from the Forest Service, along with Joe Robinson-BCH member, packed in the materials needed for the project.  Filter fabric, drain tile, plastic buckets, shovels, and cross cut saw. 
We started with digging out the old culvert and cleaning it out.  Then dug it in lower plus put in two more drain tiles.  Cleaned the ditches on both sides and dug a trench for the water to drain away.  While part of the crew cut a tree down for the runners, the others started packing gravel from a nearby rockslide.  After peeling the 22’foot lengths, they were placed on each side of the trail.  Filter fabric was stapled to each log we put a thick layer of gravel and rocks.  Then another layer of fabric was stapled over that, and we packed dirt in to fill it up making it easier for hikers and stock to get through the boggy spot in the trail.  
Thanks to the hard work of the members and their 9 friends the project only took three hours to complete.  Of course we are not all work and no play: We go on fun rides- sit around the campfire and tell stories and jokes and we eat good too: Pork chops, Dutch oven potatoes, pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, and huckleberry pancakes, just to name a few.  Back at camp we signed up four new members.  
Anyone interested in what BCH do or would like to join contact: Our president Sally Wilson at 1-208-937-1074.

Jon Rice and Ed Enneking of the Back Country Horsemen.

Ed Enneking appears to be working on dinner.

Kathy Conover of the Forest Service and Ed Enneking. Photos submitted by Jessica Enneking.

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