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Prairie Community Library has a new arrival and this time it isn't a book! 
It's a puppy holding a book donated by Dog Bark Park. Dennis Sullivan carved him from pine wood from Charlie Poxleitner's land on Cottonwood Butte. So he is no out-of-towner. He is sitting on a little stool and reading a book titled, “How to Teach Humans to do Tricks.” He is very easy to care for-no rocking, no house breaking, very quiet. He can even stay by himself when we are not there. He comes from a long line of dogs who think it is quite important to read. He is non judgemental about how the child reads, just sits and listens.  
Intermountain Therapy Animals has a program called R.E.A.D. which stands for Reading Educational Assistance Dogs. Dog Bark Park has donated other dog statues to this group which also uses real live dogs to help children with medical needs as well as reading skills. Dennis and Frances encourage everyone to read.
Come to the library and visit or read to our new little friend.

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