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To the Editor
Between 1995 and 2012, Idaho district 7 Senator Nuxoll took $234,800.00 in government handouts in the form of Ag Subsidies ( http://farm.ewg.org ); in light of that, Sen. Nuxoll's statements in the recent opinion published by the Cottonwood Chronicle are  just astonishing…
You may remember Sen Nuxoll's weird and rambling regurgitation of Republican talking  points: where she made statements about how hospitals and hospital care are Christian  inventions; about how we all should conduct ourselves in strict compliance with principles of free enterprise, and avoid government handouts - lest we become dependent.
Health Care …
Among the earliest documented instances of hospitals and hospital care are those in India which pre-date "Christendom" by several hundred years. And, it was the existing  Roman health care model that was used and extended by Christians when Christianity became  the official religion of Rome. Now, no one disputes the great contribution of faith-based medical care ,but, the statement "Christendom invented the hospital under the umbrella  of Christian mercy", is misleading and of dubious motivation.
Government handouts…
How can Sen Nuxoll bad-mouth Federal programs for health care, WIC, food stamps, etc., and then turn around and help herself to $234,800.00 in Federal tax payer dollars?   What is it about Sen Nuxoll's own business that makes it somehow  exempt from the free market perils that the rest of us face, and justifies her own personal receipt of such  massive amounts of government money? Can it be any more hypocritical for a person to so heartily embrace government handouts while - as a legislator - heartlessly opposing  the extension of unemployment benefits for needy Idaho families?
Sen Nuxoll's troubling statements add to the uncertainty of the future of quality education in Idaho - especially now that it is in the hands of someone with such clearly flawed judgment.
Jay Williams

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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