Scouts attend Camporee
On Oct. 18-20 Boy Scout Troop 638 participated in a Fall Camporee at Chief Timothy Park near Clarkston.
Upon arrival we checked in and started the unloading process and picking our campsite. Later around the campfire the boys made their plans for the all-day Saturday events.
Troop 638 (Spartan Patrol) would be competing with other troops in our district. Approximately 100 boys attended this camporee. Activities included cooking/fire building, cycling, lashings, shelter building, kayaking/swimming, hiking, skits, games and more.
Spartan Patrol received a few awards along the way. They took second place for cycling, second for having a clean campsite inspection, and participation ribbons and a small shovel that they will engrave their name on for having camp gadget. The camp gadget was 3 logs lashed together, which was used for a gateway with the boys hanging their troop sign in the middle of it. Also the shovel will be taken to the Klondike Derby which will be held sometime in the snow months.
Team work was the main focus this past weekend. Working together in tough situations will be of great value if ever in a survival situation.
I am very proud of these young men. It has been fun watching these boys go from Tiger Cubs (1st grade) all the way to Jr./Sr. high kids. Thank you boys for all you do in the community.

The fire building and cooking station was a big hit. The Scouts had to choose a couple of food items they had in their backpacks and the counselor gave them a secret item to add to whatever they brought. The boys had a bratwurst and apples. The secret ingredient was Sour Patch Kids. They had to cook these items together and each boys and the counselor had to try it. They all said it wasn’t too bad. Pictured are Carson Schmidt, Anthony Karel, Blaze Berdoy, Kevin Tillinghast, Hunter Chaffee and Tate Berdoy. Photo by Shari Chaffee.

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