Anne Frasier is employee of the month
“We have been doing the ‘Employee of the Month’ program for almost four years now and I don’t believe we have everAnne Frasier, November employee of the month at St. Mary’s Hospital received 10 nominations for the same employee,” comment Cheri Holthaus, Community Relations Coordinator for SMH.  “I was pretty impressed when all those nomination forms came across my desk for Anne, it does show how much she is thought of by her co-workers.  After reviewing all the nomination forms, the ones for Anne as well as ones for several other employees, the Customer Service Committee voted to award the November Employee of the Month honor to Anne Frasier.”
One nomination form stated, “Anne is always very kind and thoughtful, she is willing to help and doesn’t even need to be asked, she just knows what needs to be done”.  
“She is always thinking of others and goes out of her way to make others happy”, commented a co-worker.  “One example of going out of her way; was on Boss’ Day she came in on her day off and set up a ‘spa’ room, she gave back massages and pedicures to help relax the managers. Anne is an amazing person to work with and deserves to be recognized.”
Another co-worker stated, “Anne is a very kind and compassionate nurse to patients as well as her co-workers.  She is very involved in the community and donates her personal time and goods to help make others happy.  We are more than lucky to have her as part of our team, her heart is huge.”
Anne has been employed by SMH as a Clinic RN since December of 2011;prior to coming to St. Mary’s Anne worked at Palouse Medical in Pullman, WA.  
Some of Anne’s duties as a Clinic RN include administering medications and treatments per physician’s orders as well as providing quality care and maintaining up-to-date and accurate patient records.
When asked why she decided to become a nurse Anne replied, “From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to help people.  I would bandage the animals when they would get hurt on the farm where I grew up.  I met the love of my life in Spokane, got married and raised our children, then when my son was a senior I decided that I would fulfill the dream of nursing and so I went to Walla Walla Community College and completed my nursing degree.  It has not always been easy or fun at times, but it has always been a rewarding and learning experience.”  
When not working, Anne loves to spend time outdoors and with her family and she loves ‘Girls Night Out’.
Anne has two children and three grandchildren.

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