Letters to Santa Claus
Prairie Kindergarten Letters to Santa

Nate F. 
Please Santa bring me a flywheel, a remote control monster truck, mp3 player and a sled.  I have been nice this year.

Waylon G.
Santa, I want  a lego car, popcorn, transformer and a race track.  I will leave you milk and cookies.  How are you?

Hailey H.
Santa, I hope you will give me a unicorn, kitchen set, doll house, Barbie doll, Ipod, DS charger, book case, books, teddy bear and a computer.  I have been good so thatís good.

Chris S.
Please bring me a monster truck remote control.  Santa, are you nice?  I think you are nice and I am nice too.

Charles E.
Santa, bring me a sleigh and two toys to play with in the snow.  I want a robot and a control for the robot and a Ipad too.  I have been pretty nice so far.

Ruger D.
I wish for new toys like robots, optimus prime and a truck with fire on it.  I will leave you some cookies and milk.  I have been nice.
Dylan K.
Santa, I need a remote control car that can go in snow.  How do you fly with your reindeer?  I like you and your reindeer.

Bella M.
My Christmas wish is for a toy pony with shoes and a cape and a hair brush.  It will be fun to play with.  Do you think I was good enough?  I love you.

Sierra O.
Santa please bring me a Barbie doll dream house, Barbie sister,  ponytails, Barbie camper, candy, flowers and hair clips.  How are your reindeer doing?  I like you.

Mark G.
Santa I have been nice.  Please bring me a cow trailer and a remote control monster truck.  Do you like chocolate chip cookies?

Sydney S.
Santa please bring me a toy unicorn, two front teeth and a cat in the hat doll.  How is Rudolph doing?

Jackson E.
Santa, I would like a lego monster truck mover, a bulldozer, hot wheels track, a monster truck and some hot wheels.  How are the elves doing in the workshop?  I hope you make it to my house.

Daniel P.
Santa please bring me a big monster truck with big wheels.  Do you know where my new house is?  How is your reindeers?

Ben S.
Dear Santa, please bring me hot wheels track and hot wheels cars.  How do you eat all those cookies?  How is Mrs. Claus?

Alaina L.
I would like a toy monkey, a toy fairy, toy dinosaur, American Girl doll braces and a toy wolf.  We made Santa cookies, but there might not be any left.

Levi M.
Santa I want a toy castle, a pet gorilla, my own computer or laptop and Ninga-turtles.  How do you get all the toys to all the kids in the whole wide world?

Derek P.
Santa, please bring me a remote control Chevy Dodge, a white board, a Santa toy, dot paints and cubbies.  I know you always sneak into my house because I see your mud tracks and then I follow you.

Cash U.
Please Santa bring me a remote control airplane that really flies.  Thatís all and I hope you find my house.

Damian C.
Santa, I want a batman toy, and some crayons and markers.  How are your reindeer doing? 

Breanne S.
Santa I have been nice.  I want a teddy bear for Christmas.  Santa what is your favorite  cookie?

Callie R.
Hi Santa, I want a little kid flashlight, a light pillow, a monster high doll and a real princess.  I want you, Santa Claus to take a picture of Mrs. Claus and show me.  

Bailey K.
I am 5 and I have been good.  Santa I want a stuffed monkey and a monkey movie.  Do you like Oreos?  I do.

Mylie W.
Santa, for Christmas I would like a trixie magic wand, a crown and a new dress.  Santa how are your reindeer doing?  Are your elves nice?  How do your elves make toys?

Avery R.
Hi Santa, could you bring me a Kindle fire and a furreal friend.  How are your reindeer?  How many cookies do you eat?

Ryan S.
Dear Santa, I have been nice this year.  I want a pink butterfly that can fly.  How can you fly around the world in one night?  

Sage E.
For Christmas Santa I would like a stuffed animal.  Where does a snake live, cause thatís the animal I want.  How much does it snow up there?

Phoenix L.
Santa, please can I have a Hello Kitty limo and the castle from Frozen?  I have a question for you.  How do your reindeer fly?

Savannah P.
Hi Santa, For Christmas I want snowboots, a helicopter, a headband, a sweater and some cowgirl boots.  Can you take a picture of your wife?  I will give you some cookies and milk.

Tisha G.
Santa, I would like a doll, a stuffed animal bear and new legos.  What type of cookies do you like?  Maybe Iíll leave you some Christmas tree cookies with glitter if my mom will make some.

Chase V.
Santa, I want a toy robot, a remote control truck and a football.  Is it fun to ride in your sleigh?  I wish I could go for a ride with you.

Alex J.
Hi Santa, could you bring me avenger legos and beyblades.  I have been nice this year.  How are the elves doing?

Katelyn R.
Santa, I want a flippies hat, a pillow pet and a reindeer.  How are the reindeer?  Do they eat cookies too?

Janezza C.
My Christmas wish is for a Tinkerbell playset and play dough.  How do you get to all the houses in one night?  Thatís awesome!

Addisyn V.
Santa, I am 5 years old. I have been very nice this year.  Please bring me clothes and hair stuff.  How are your reindeer doing?

Landon R.
Santa, I would like a lego set, a tractor and play dough.  How are the elves doing? How are the reindeer doing?  I will try to leave you some yummy cookies.

Lacey S.
Santa, I want a big teddy bear, a dog, a doll named Elsie and a kitty.  What are your reindeer names?  I know Rudolph is one.  I think Rudolph is a nice one.

Following are Letters to Santa from Mrs. Brannanís 1st grade class. It may help to read them out loud to get the effect of their phonetic spelling.

Dear Santa
How is misis clos doen?  Doll and a bare famale and a santa doll and mitins and a hat
Grace Uhlenkott

Dear Santa
how are you doing?  I want a 3ds.  I want cholclet coles.  I want a chinckn.  I want a go cart.  I want a snow mowvile.
Jake Quintal

Dear Santa
How or yer elvs doing?  How can you fit down the chmnee?  thaenk you for the pesits!  How do yer rander flie?  can I hav a punching bag?
Hyrum Pikus

Dear Santa
how do yot moc yrw rades friy  I wot mocthr mothrthc and a cpitr and a repepad rther lagas and hot wils
Dakotah Lee

Dear Santa
How ar you doing?  How do your raindeere fliey?  I wunt most is a pet butterfliy?
Monica Goeckner

Dear Santa
How do your RandEar friy.  how is miss klothel.  I wot a 100 dollar.
Morgan Pack

Dear Santa
haWh dous yar ronders FliY  howh r Yo  Hawh Is misis Clos Can yo Get me a santa clos dol
Chloe Howard

Dear Santa
I want a biK adn a trampulin and a 100 dolers.  how r you don
Jack Crull

Dear santa
I Sol a radir whi did you breg the redir I like to pla with my radir bcus I like to I like a Tory Stwe toy
Levi Hazlewood

Dear Santa
Haw do the Raendeers flliy Santa?  wat do the Raendeers ed?  Santa haw have you bin?  Santa I wont a dog.
Kaylie Lockett

Dear Santa
how have You bin doowin  I gost wontd to sae how does yor Randees fliY?
Ellie Nuxoll

Dear Santa
I Love you so how do you do Santa so how do your Randeer fly  Misis cloz I Love you to.  I wunt a iqad.
Clarise Rehder

Dear Santa
I Wuat a biek and a boll how are you
Kasandra Dinning

Dear Santa
how ar you doing how ar the randee?  the only thing I wunt for christmas is lagls.  how is Mis clos
Carter Shears

Dear Santa
How ez mes kos do in wel i ges i wel tel yow wut i wont for cresmes i wont a sled.
Owen Tran

Dear Santa
how is it gowng up at the Northple  I want remot cincrle cor
Cole Duclos

 Santa Letters Ė Cindy Schumacherís First Grade Class
Prairie Elementary  School

Dear Santa,
Have a maree Crismis to you.  Have my sisders bin good this year?  When wil u unlock our doors?  Why dus Rudofs nose glow?  Do you make decorashens for crismis?  Have I bin good this year?  Where do the randeer sleep?  Do you liv in the forist?  How did you live for 100 yers?  All I want for crismis is a for-wheeler, a big truc, and a little logging truc.  Can wulves get up to the northpole?  How can the randeer pull the slay with all those toys in the bag?  Have a mare Crismis.
Love, Colt Kehler

Dear Santa,
How dus your rander fly?  I love you Santa.  How do you see me?  Santa are you getting redy for Crismis?  Have a good Crismis.  We will leaf you cookies.  Please may I have a Hello Kitty, ipod, American Doll?  Can I ples have a real puppee?  Can I ples  have nu socks, a drem lite and a swimming pool?  I hope you get a presnt.
Love, Alexis Schumacher

Dear Santa,
Howís yur workshop?  How do yor bag get prezents?  How duz your sled fly?  How duz Rudof noze glow?  How do you delivr prezents?  How do your sleigh fly?  How do you pack all of thos presents?  Plez may I have whatever you think I should have?  Mere Crismis.
Love, Wyatt Latimer

Dear Santa, 
How dus your sla fliy with the Rander?  Is it majic?  How dus the bag go down the chimine?  Dus the bag go skinny?  Dus your bag fliy down the chimine?  Dus the chimine go fat?  How do you get in the peoples houses that donít have chimines?  Do you have  majik ?  Do your elfs get vacashun?  Dus Rudof really exist?  How many elfs is there?  Santa did I really see you at the mall?  I want a BB gun, a combine, a footbol.  Santa why do you wer a red suit?  Santa how old are you?  Santa dus your beard keep you warm?  Dear Santa how much cookies dus Misis Clos make?
Love, Kaden Duclos

Dear Santa,
How do you no how many kids in the world?  Santa I wud like to no how your render fly?  I wud like to no how your slae fly?  Why do you wer a red suit?  Why do you go down the chimne?  Do you get dirty?  Why does Rudof noz glo in the dark?  How do you no if kidz have bin good?  Why do you liv in the North Pole?  I wood like and arrow.  I hope you have a grat summer and I hope you had a grat year.
Love, Tristian Mader

Dear Santa,
How do you fit all uv the cookies in you?  How do you get all uv those toys in that bag?  How do you fit in chimnes?  Am I on the good list?  How dux your slay fly?  How dus Roodofs nose glo?  What do your elfs do when you are gone?  How menee cookies dus Mis Clos make at Crismis?  How many randeer do you have?  How is your workshop?  How do you go urownd the hol world?  Is your slay majik?  I hope you have a good time.
Love, Stockton Young

Dear Santa,
What is Misis Clos real name?  Is it troo Rudofs nose sparcles?  How dus your slay fliy?  How miney kids get coal?  How do you know where kids live?  How miney randir live in the North Pole?  Is that troo that your elf can be 106?  Is it troo that you can fit throo evry chimine?  Do you let your elf have time off frum the workshop?  Mere Crismis.  I wood like a 60 motorbik and to see you and a be be gun.
Love, Dylan Uhlenkott

Dear Santa,
How duz your rander fliy?  How cum you wer a red soot?  Why do you cum on Crismis eve?  How cum you have a slay and Roodolf in frunt of all the randers?  And how can the bag hold all of those toys?  And how dus toys fit in the bag?  And I wud lic a remote contrl helecoptr and a self loading logging truck and an iron man.  Thanc you.
Love, Noah Geis

Dear Santa,
How do your randr flie?  How do you flie?  How do your slae runs?  How do you fit in the chimne?  How do  you slae flie?  How do the randr flie?  How doo you get in the chimne?  I like you Santa.  I want a remote control helicopter, remote control airplan.  Mare Crismis.
Love, Toby Hatfield

Dear Santa,
How dus your sla fli?  How dus your rander fli?  How dus Rodofs nose glos?  Is your sla majik?  How do you gits down the chimne by eting all those cookies?  How do you git all arond the world?  I want a bow in aro, remote cntrl truck, remote cntrl motorsicl, remote cntrl plane, remote cntrl helucoptr. 
Love, Peter Remacle

Dear Santa,
How do you fit all the toys in yor bag?  How are you dooen?  Do you evr get vakashin?  Do yor elfs evr get to come with you?  What are some uv yor elfs names?  Can I plez have a zoo zoo pet and a pet buncbed?  Why do you like to bring toys and a real pet hamster and sum cloze and sum makeup and art stuff.  Do you have Crismis in the north pole?  Have a nis trip.
Love, Harlee Brannan

Dear Santa,
How do you git all those toys in that bag?  How do you git to evry ones hows in won nite?  How dus your randrs fli with that slay?  How do you git all those toys?  How mene randrs do you have?  Do you have jinjerbred?  How dus your slay fli?  Santa, what I want ples is the noo Just Dans.  Mare Crismis.
Love, Tamden Pecarovich

Dear Santa,
How are you dooen?  On that night how do randear and sla fli?  How is yor bag majic?  How dus yor bag fit in yor sla?  How dus yor dear fli?  And yor sla fli?  How dus yor elf work?  I want a bow and thanx.
How doo you give the gifts?  Thanx for the gifts.  I want like a Brocl Face cow.  I wish you a vare Mare Crismis too.
I love you.  Owen McIntire

Dear Santa,
How do yur randr fly?  Santa how dus yur bag do majic?  Dear Santa how do yur sla carry all the toys.  Santa how is it in the workshop?  Dear Santa, how are yur elfs doing?  Santa aftr Crismis then what do you do?  Santa have a Mare Crismis.  Santa I want for Crismis a scooter and American Doll.
Love, Natalie Goeckner

Dear Santa,
How do you eat oll of the cookys?  How do your render flu?  How do you fit in the chimney when you have eaten oll of those cookys?  Is yoor slay magic?  How do you git to efybuts howses in whun nite?  How dus Rudof the Rednose Rendir nose glow?  All I whont for Crismus is a snowmowbill and an alien set .  You can choos the rest.
Love, Briggs Rambo

Dear Santa,
How do yor rander flie?  How dus Roodofs nose flow?  How do you get in peoples howsis with no doors?  How dus yor bag go down the chimne?  How do you get throo the chimnees with owt getting dirtee?  How can you get all the toys in the bag?  Is yor slae majec?  For Crismis I wud love the Little Peanut.
I hope you have a safe trip on Crismis.
Love, Rebecca Seubert

Dear Santa,
Do you have a candle?  How do you fly with yor slay?  How do you see us?  Do you like it in that place?
What is Roodof like?  Do you read a lot of letters?  Do you like yor hat?  Do you have a big car?  Do you git to lisin to Crismus music?  When do you spend time reading the letters?  Do you have a Crismus chair?  Do you like it there?  Ples can you pick my presint?  Do you like the snow?  What is your favorit month.  I wish you a Mary Crismus.
Love, Hannah Schwartz

Letters to Santa from Mrs. Rehderís Kindergartners at Summit Academy

What I want 4 Christmas is drums and DS
Love, Thomas Rose

I want a sword. Please brng me a combine. How are the reindeer?
Connor Nuxoll

Please bring me a dog for Christmas. 1 beanbay too. Santa I hope you have a nice trip too.
Phil Schwartz

Please bring me a new doll. I would like a pupet too.
How old are you Sainta?
Helene Biltz

I want 3 bean bags. Please bring me a kindle. Who is your favorite reirdeer?
Kaden Krogh

I would like new play horses. How is Mrs. Claus?
Gretan Watson

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