Coloring Contest winners are named
Avery Riener in the 0-5 age group, Tara Schlader in the 6-8 year old age group and Nicole Rehder in the 9-12 year old age group were this year’s overall winners in the Cottonwood Chronicle Christmas Coloring Contest.
Avery won with her Cottonwood Foods entry while Tara won with her The Hangout entry and Nicole won with her Riener’s Grocery entry.
Store winners are as follows (some of the stores may have a prize for their winners but it is not required): Cottonwood Foods: Taylor Riener, 6-8 and Ellea Uhlenkott, 9-12. The Hangout: John Lightfield, 0-5 and Halle Klapprich, 9-12; Rieners Grocery, Kellzington Blevins, 0-5 and Owen McIntire, 6-8. 
For the rest the winners are listed in order of age group, 0-5, 6-8 and 9-12.
Cottonwood Credit Union: Breanne Schwartz, Canter Mundt, Ellea Uhlenkott; Harman Agency: Avery Riener, Rebecca Seubert, Halle Klapprich; Forsmann Accounting: Avery Riener, Sydney Shears, Nicole Rehder; Schlader Photography: Avery Riener, Taylor Riener, Erin Wassmuth; RoDonna’s Country Haus (ice cream sundae for the winners) Avery Riener, Rachel Sonnen, Nicole Rehder; Arnzen Super Drug: John Lightfield, Rebecca Seubert, Dani Sonnen; Prairie Community Library: Thomas Rose, Taylor Riener, Nicole Rehder; Hoene Hardware: John Lightfield, Taylor Riener, Ellie Uhlenkott.
Gem Builders: Avery Riener, Taylor Riener, Wyatt Ross; A-1 Flowers & More: Erica Schlader, Taylor Riener, Laney Forsmann; Long’s Auto Sales, Towing & Body Shop: John Lightfield, Taylor Riener, Nicole Rehder; Camas Prairie Mini-Storage: Avery Riener, Taylor Riener, Olivia Klapprich; B & A Performance Auto: Avery Riener, Taylor Riener, (no 9-12 entries); Camas Prairie Insurance: John Lightfield, Taylor Riener, Erin Wassmuth; Hometown Auto & Ag: Tommy Rose, Taylor Riener, Halle Klapprich; Central Idaho Agency: John Lightfield, Tara Schlader, Ellie Uhlenkott; Sonnen Meats: Erin Wassmuth 9-12; H & R Diesel: Thomas Rose, Lee Forsmann, Emma Watson; Wolftrack Brewing Tasting Den (stop by for your prize): Kane McIntire, Rebecca Seubert and Olivia Klapprich; LiveWire Electric: John Lightfield, Lee Forsmann and Nicole Rehder.

.This year’s Christmas Coloring Contest winners from left are Avery Riener, 0-5 year olds, daughter of Shaun and Lisa Riener; Tara Schlader, 6-8 yr. olds, daughter of Scot and Shelley Schlader and Nicole Rehder, 9-12 year olds, daughter of Joe and Charlene Rehder. 

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