Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Dear Readers,
My name is Curtis Mathis , and I am a third grader from Anselmo-Merna School in Merna, NE.  I am nine years old.  My class is having a States Fair and I have drawn your state to research.  Our States Fair will be May 6th.  I will be learning about what your state flag looks like, your state flower, tree, bug, and motto.  Also, famous people that come from your state, popular attractions, and what your state is known for.  I would really appreciate any help that your readers can give me.  Post cards, souvenirs, pamphlets, pictures, letters, and anything else that you think would help me with my report would be fantastic!  Thank you very much for your help! 
Please send your information to
Curtis Mathis 
PO Box 68
Merna, NE 68856
Curtis Mathis

Dear Editor:
It is baffling! How can our leaders and in fact, we the voters and followers be so brain dead? At one time we would have been accused of "losing all our marbles!" Why? Well, somehow we allowed Obamacare to become policy, when all of us deep down know that huge federal give-a-ways destroy us economically and socially! And are doing so! Are we really to accept the forced "tax" our uninsured young people are forced to pay if they choose not to buy insurance? Or force a single man to purchase a maternity policy? Crazy!
Next comes Common Core, stomping to ribbons the fact that we all know that "One size never did fit all!" And blatantly telling us first that "CC will allow students from any school to transfer up-to-date and par to any other school," while in the same breath we are told that "Each school still controls its own programs!" Can we believe this? Are we brain dead?
Now we read that the U.S. Forest Service is proposing to "straighten Crooked River" (See Idaho County Free Press Editorial 4/16/14). Can you believe it? My father on the Fenn Highway district told me they could not meddle with Grave's Creek road..., cannot change a natural flowing creek. And I have countless examples of land owners who have been warned not to log across or change a meandering little creek on their property. Threatened in fact!
But now, our all-powerfull and knowing feds are going to "straighten Crooked River!" At a cost of millions of dollars! And we are 17+  trillion in debt!! As the Free Press editorial says, "Have we lost our minds?" If so, Lord save us, our ship is sinking and our end is near! 
Jake Wren (Patrick J.)

Dear Editor, 
I donít know who in government conceived of the idea to make the first payment on our Idaho County Taxes due on or before Dec. 20th, but with Christmas just around the corner it is really kind of poor timing. 
Paying taxes is not any fun, but when I hand my tax payment to a friendly, courteous and smiling person, part of the team in room number two at the courthouse, it helps! 
Deanna Hall has been in place for the last year and a half, and I totally like the way she has coached her personnel to have me leave happy. I am voting to keep Idaho County Coach Treasure Deanna Hallís team in place. 
Betty Alm

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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