School Board meets
The school board held their May monthly meeting Monday, May 19.
Gloria Funke was hired to the school paraprofessional position that was open. 
Presnell & Gage was approved as the school’s auditor again this year. They bid a 4% increase in cost over last year. Clerk Denise Uhlenkott said she has checked with other districts and the charges are very comparable with what they pay for an auditor. Presnell & Gage has been doing the school audit for a number of years now and Uhlenkott has a very good  working relationship with them.
Use of the school’s football equipment during football summer camp was approved. 
A transfer of funds from the MAFA account to the bus fund in the amount of $35,598 was approved to help pay for the new bus. The baseball team put the new bus to use in their trip to Lewiston for the state tournament.
In the facilities update Superintendent Rene’ Forsmann reported they have been looking into a new tractor-mower. Board member Aaron Hinkelman was asked to look into this and get some quotes. Hinkelman said the old tractor definitely needs upgraded. It is a 1982 model. He got prices of $17,500 for a Kubota and $24,410 for a John Deere. Both prices include a trade-in of the old tractor. Board member Lynn Guyer said the prison deals with Bell Equipment, the John Deere dealer, and he really likes their service, plus they are a local dealer that supports the local schools but the board felt that wasn’t enough to offset the large difference in price. 
A motion was made and passed to purchase the Kubota tractor.
The high school gym restrooms were discussed. Forsmann had Morris Arnzen make up a proposal. After looking over the proposal the board members discussed other options including taking out the handicap access restroom and allowing access to the ones in the annex before putting the matter on hold.
During the restroom discussion Guyer brought up a concern about tickets at the gym. He feels it is too easy to get past the ticket booth without paying. Hinkelman said he remembers when the ticket booth was where the entry doors are and wondered why it was changed. The board decided to look into this further and come up with some options.
In administrative reports, Forsmann said they are working on schedules and class lists at the Elementary School.
The school concert was amazing.
In the superintendent report she noted they received $408,000 this year from the Secure Rural Schools (forest funds). 
Carrie Nygaard reported that both the baseball and softball teams were state academic champions. 
The Go Green group will complete their final beautification project of the year,
On May 21 the 8th grade were to tour Idaho Forest Group, Advanced Welding and Syringa Hospital.
May 28 will be the end of the year assembly starting at 8:45 a.m.
Also on May 28 the 8th graders will take a field trip to the prison.
May 29 is the final day of classes for the seniors.
On May 31 the Jr./Sr. High school bands will travel to Silverwood with Mr. Eynon.
On June 2 Matt Potratz, a motivational speaker, will be at the high school gym from 9:20 to 10:15.
Incoming 7th-11th grade students will run through their schedules for next year on June 3.
On June 5th the junior high students will go to Lancer Lanes in Clarkston for a bowling field trip.
June 6 is the final day of class.
June 8 the drug free group will travel to Silverwood with Mrs. Sonnen.
The meeting adjourned to an executive session at 7:55 p.m.
The next regular meeting will be Monday June 16 at 7 p.m.

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