Track team is at two meets
The Prairie Track team competed at two meets this past week, the White Pine League Championships Tuesday, April 21 at Kamiah and the Nez Perce/Lewis & Clark Games Friday, April 24, also at Kamiah.
White Pine Championships
Mykaela McWilliams in the 100 hurdles and the girls 4x400 relay teams were the only 1st place winners at the White Pine meet.
McWilliams won the 100 hurdles in 16.90 and was third in the 300 hurdles in 51.55.
Delaney Uhlenkott, Chaye Uptmor, Shayla VonBargen and McWilliams teamed up to win the 4x400 relay in 4:24.56.
Uptmor also placed 2nd in the 800 meter run in 2:38.43 and also in the 3200 in 12:51.36.
Nicole Poxleitner was 16th in the 200 in 32.93.
Beth Dinning was 5th in the discus at 938 and 8th in the shot put at 274.
Sydney Glimp was 9th in the discus at 863.
Bailie Gehring was 22nd in the shot at 21¾ and 23rd in the discus at 536.
Uhlenkott, Poxleitner, VonBargen and McWilliams placed 3rd in the 4x100 relay in 56.35.
Uhlenkott, Poxleitner, Glimp and VonBargen were 3rd in the 4x200 in 2:02.92.
Uhlenkott, VonBargen, Glimp and Poxleitner were 5th in the medley in 2:15.81.
As a team the girls placed 3rd with 63 points behind Logos and Deary.
Lucas Arnzen with a pair of second place finishes was the top finisher for the boys team. He placed 2nd in the 200 in 23.84 and 2nd in the 400 in 52.42. He was also 3rd in the 100 in 11.81.
Mason Dagliesh was 7th in both the 100 and 200. His 100 time was 12.05 and he had a time of 24.98 in the 200.
Lucas Wemhoff was 11th in the 200 in 26.08 and 13th in the long jump at 165½.
Dally Ratcliff was 6th in the 110 meter hurdles in 20.18. He was also 5th in the 300 hurdles in 52.44, 25th in the 200 in 28.94 and 11th in the 800 in 2:30.75.
Sean Spencer was 5th in the 1600 in 5:15.88 and 10th in the long jump at 1610.
Anthony Karel was 12th in the 800 in 2:35.85.
Andrew Everson was 8th in the discus at 969 and 10th in the shot put at 342.
The 4x200 relay team of Wemhoff, Mason Dalgliesh, Arnzen and Raice Dalgliesh placed 3rd in 1:39.98.
The 4x100 team of Dalgliesh, Dalgliesh, Karel and Spencer placed 4th in 50.81.
The 4x400 team of Raice Dalgliesh, Wemhoff, Spencer and Karel placed 5th in 4:04.99.
As a team the boys place 5th out of 13 teams with 52 points.
Nez Perce Games
At the NezPerce Games at Kamiah Friday, April 24 Lucas Arnzen won 3 events while Chaye Uptmor and Mykaela McWilliams won 2 events each.
Arnzen swept all 3 sprints winning the 100 in 11.74, the 200 in 23.90 and the 400 in 52.54.Due to a lack of participants the boys and girls 800s were run together. Prairie athletes from left are Chaye Uptmor, who won the girls event and Anthony Karel and Dally Ratcliff who finished third and second respectively.
Uptmor won the 800 in 2:31.87, the 1600 in 6:01.95 and was also 7th in the 200 in 31.43.
McWilliams won both hurdles races, the 100 meters in 16.72 and the 300 meters in 49.26.
Also winning an individual event was Shayla VonBargen who won the high jump at 44 in her first time competing in the event this year.
In other girls events Sydney Glimp took 2nd in the discus at 876 and was 12th in the 200 in 32.65.
Beth Dinning was 3rd in the shot put at 254½ and 4th in the discus at 822.
Bailie Gehring was 6th in the discus at 740 and 8th in the shot at 217.
Delaney Uhlenkott was 8th in the 200 in 31.69.
Nicole Poxleitner was 9th in the 200 in 31.75.
The girls 4x100 relay team of Uhlenkott, Poxleitner, VonBargen and McWilliams placed first in 1:57.79.
The medley team of Poxleitner, VonBargen, McWilliams and Uhlenkott also placed first in 2:02.83.
The 4x100 team of Uhlenkott, Poxleitner, Glimp and VonBargen placed 2nd in 57.52.
As a team the girls placed 2nd in the 8-school meet with 104 points, tailing only Orofino.
In other boys results Dally Ratcliff was 2nd in the 800 in 2:25.09 and 5th in the 3 other events. He was 5th in the 110 hurdles in 20.10, 5th in the 300 hurdles in 51.59 and 5th in the triple jump at 308.
Lucas Wemhoff was 2nd in the long jump at 1711 and 8th in the 200 in 26.11.
Sean Spencer was 3rd in the 1600 in 5:15.03 and 7th in the long jump at 1511.
Anthony Karel was 3rd in the 800 in 2:30.61 and 17th in the 200 in 28.16.
Mason Dalgliesh was 4th in the 400 in 57.03; 5th in the 200 in 25.17 and 6th in the 100 in 12.32.
Raice Dalgliesh was 15th in the 200 in 27.07.
Ryan Glimp was 4th in the discus at 1135 and 8th in the shot at 307¾.
Andrew Everson was 6th in the shot at 345 and 6th in the discus at 1015.
Prairie had three third place finishes in relays. The 4x100 team of Mason Dalgliesh, Raice Dalgliesh, Glimp and Spencer was 3rd in 50.95. The 4x200 team of Raice Dalgliesh, Glimp, Karel and Wemhoff was 3rd in 1:47.64. Finally the 4x400 team of Raice Dalgliesh, Wemhoff, Spencer and Karel was 3rd in 4:05.34.
As a team the boys also placed 2nd out of 8 team with 115 points, trailing only Kamiah.
Delaney Uhlenkott has handed off to Nicole Poxleitner in the 4x100 relay.
Mason Dalgliesh hands off to brother Raice Dalgliesh in the 4x100.
Lucas Arnzen, left finished 1st in the 100 meter dash while Mason Dalgliesh, right, placed 4th.
Mykaela McWilliams has more than a full hurdle lead on the rest of the field in the 300 hurdles. Hurdles are nearly 30 meters apart for this race.
Mykaela McWilliams hands off to Delaney Uhlenkott in second place in the medley relay. Uhlenkott was able to pass her opponent and finish first.
Shayla VonBargen won the high jump in her first attempt at the event this season, Friday at the Nez Perce Games.
Ryan Glimp in the shotput at the Nez Perce Games
Sydney Glimp in the discus.
We're not sure Bailey Gehring knows where her discus landed as her hair gets in her face after the release.
Dally Ratcliff in the 110 hurdles. And yes he has dyed his hair.
Andrew AJ Everson in the shot put.
Nicole Poxleitner looks to pass the baton to Shayla Von Bargen in the 4x200.
Sean Spencer in the 1600.
Chaye Uptmor was all alone in the lead in the 1600 by the end of the second lap.
All photos above from the Nez Perce Games at Kamiah.

The Prairie track team earned quite a few medals at the Nez Perce Games last Friday. Medal winners shown are from left Mason Dalgliesh, Nicole Poxleitner, Mykaela McWilliams, Dally Ratcliff, Beth Dinning, Lucas Arnzen, Sydney Glimp, Lucas Wemhoff, Chaye Uptmor, Raice Dalgliesh, Delaney Uhlenkott, Anthony Karel and Shayla VonBargen. Photo provided by Ryan Hasselstrom.

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