School Board meets
Gus Hoene was reelected as school board chairman as the School Board held their annual meeting in conjunction with the regular July meeting Tuesday, July 14.
Pat Alfrey was elected as vice-chair, a post she had been appointed to when Lynn Guyer resigned from the board.
Meeting dates and times were set for the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. from April through September and 5:30 p.m. from October through March.
Denise Uhlenkott was reappointed as clerk-treasurer with Amy Sigler and Lynn Rehder as assistant treasurers.
Hoene, Alfrey and Uhlenkott were approved as check signers with at least two needed on any checks.
Hot lunch prices were raised as the program lost money this past year due to the decline of free and reduced rates. Prices will be $1.85 for elementary, $2.35 for high school and $4.25 for adults.
Tara Rowland asked about the summer lunch program. Superintendent Rene’ Forsmann said the attendance dropped, possibly due partly to the school relocation, and they wound up paying more than what they got back in federal reimbursement, again due in large part to the drop in percentage of free and reduced rates.
Bus rental rates, per diem rates and facility use rates were all kept the same.
A transfer of $19,827 to food service and $4,687 to REAP from Medicaid were approved.
Extra-curricular assignments were approved. In large part they are the same as last year with Tori DeCaria and Jennifer Heitman replacing Colleen Sonnen, who had resigned, as the drug-free coordinators. Also cheerleader advisor is still open. High school principal Carrie Nygaard said she has someone in mind but wanted to hold off on the appointment. At this time they still did not have enough interest to have cheerleaders for football.
In the facilities report Forsman reported the roof at the Jr./Sr. High is scheduled for late August. Repair of a concrete slab near the art room at the Jr./Sr. High has been completed. The new outdoor basketball court at the Elementary School that was paid for with Blue Ribbon School money has also been completed.
They are looking to add BST to the Elementary School parking lot, which wouldn’t need to be done again for 5 years as opposed to the oil, which had to be done annually. They have worked with the city on this. They have also been asked to store the excess product on the back of the school parking lot so they don’t have to send the excess back from this year. The excess would be used next year when the city gets the East Street project done.
Brett Uhlenkott is working on the frames for the new Blue Ribbon School and State Champions signs. The holders are already in the ground. They hope to have them up by Fair time.
The heating upgrade in the shop at the high school has started and is due to be completed by the end of the month.
Avista is working with the school on new transformers which should help with the brownout problems they have had. It should also help with the new load from the new heating system.
Nancy Arnzen and Max Fernandez painted the kitchen and storage area at the high school. It is Fernandez’ senior project and Mrs. Arnzen is his project mentor.
In her principal’s report Forsmann noted that swim lessons are ongoing and the Center for Discovery has been running buses to Grangeville and starting July 20 would go to Nezperce.
The hospital ran a Safe Sitter program at the Elementary July 13 and 14.
Summer School will run August 3-14 from 8 a.m. to noon.
In her superintendent’s report she reported she is part of the state department’s mastery-based education committee. Forsmann said she likes to be involved with committees on education programs that will affect the school district.
She also reported she would like the board to consider a policy manual rewrite. In the past the board has reviewed the manual and said “That looks good” and approved it. She feels with the state and federal policy changes in recent years they need to have it overhauled and brought up to date. The Idaho School Board Association has a program to do this for about $6,000. They have enough money available under professional fees to do this.
Nygaard reported the mandatory sports meeting will be held Thursday, August 13 at 6 p.m. This is for all athletes who plan to play a sport during the next school year. 
Registration for the school is set for Friday, August 14. Further information will be in the Chronicle as they date nears.
Homecoming week will be Sept. 14-18 with the game against Council being the Homecoming game.
There will be an additional foreign exchange student this year. Pat and Rita McWilliams will be hosting a Chinese students. The Everson family had already been approved for hosting a student from Spain.
The board adjourned to an executive session at 7:40 p.m. The next regular meeting is set for Monday, August 17 at 7 p.m.

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