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Redneck Review
No. 17 8/17/15
Wow!!! Alexander Tyler, the Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburg, claimed around 1800 that the average nation throughout history had a life cycle of about 200 years, and passed through eight stages, the main ones of which were: Bondage-->Courage-->Abundance-->Dependency-->back to Bondage.
And noting that our USA is over 225 years old today, one might wonder if such a cycle has any validity, and could in any way say something about our own country's future!!
Could it be possible that our exceptional abundance days are over, and that the USA which has for decades been the envy of other nations around the world, creating the ever-present problem of immigrants flooding out of control into our country, is on its way to its destined end in poverty and the "bondage" Tyler speaks of??
Is our exploding national debt, now around $19 trillion, and growing by trillions each year, a predictable result of the LEGAL PLUNDER Frederik Bastiat spoke of about 180 years ago, a logical result he claimed of governments plundering some to give to others..., eventually forced into plundering future generations by the huge debt required to satisfy all who want in on the PLUNDER?
Still pondering the above questions, one might give some serious thought to an article which appeared in the Tribune Monday, August 10, entitled "Feeding the Children of Summer." The first sentence in that article reads, "There is such a thing as a free lunch, if you are a kid."
The article goes on to say that "Thousands of lunches -- and breakfasts and snacks -- are served over the summer to what officials at the Moscow, Lewiston and Clarkston school districts describe as a slowly increasing number of children."
Continuing, the article says, "The three districts are among many entries in north central Idaho and southwestern Washington participating in the U. S. Department of Agriculture Summer Food Service Program, which reimburses the cost of meals served to children 18 and younger."
Later on, the article says, "Through the end of July, Clarkston had served just fewer than 12,000 lunches and about 6,300 snacks." And still later, "Moscow's program averaged more than 200 meals per day for June and July, with more than 7,000 meals served during those two months."
Interesting!! When the program started a couple of decades ago, parents had to qualify for the "free" lunches, or in some cases, discounted ones, by filling out financial reports showing need. Obviously that is no longer a requirement, with kids welcome to eat free regardless of parental income, even though some parents might be in higher income brackets!
One wonders if such programs could possibly result in a "Reverse Robin Hood" effect, as discussed at some length in RNR #12, involving individuals with higher incomes profiting from taxes which come from lower income people? Hmm! I wonder!!!! 
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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