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Redneck Review
No. 19 8/31/15
With northwest fires out of control, a snow-balling national debt, a world economy teetering on the brink, coupled with falling U.S. and China stock markets, and Planned Parenthood callously selling aborted baby parts, the question was asked in last week's review, "Just who is in charge here?"
That review quoted former FED chairman Ben Bernanke saying in 2002, "We conclude that, under our paper money system, our government can always generate higher spending..." implying that in our own economic system at least, the Federal Reserve System IS in charge of economic health and prosperity in this country! Really?
More about that later, with a closer look at the methods used by the FED and our own government, assuring us that THEY ARE IN CHARGE of our economic prosperity!!
Now, however, lets consider for a moment the question, "Just who is in charge?", and what if anything, an individual like you and me might do about it!
For starters, we turn to the Bible, as most sources claim that somewhere over 80% of our American citizenry claim to be Bible readers!
Recall Genesis, ch.18, in which God threatened to destroy Sodom and Gomorra, because "their sin is very grave," and when Abraham responded, "If there be fifty just men in the city will you then destroy the place...?" When God said "No..."; then Abraham auctioned down the figure form the 50 to 45, to 40..., on down to 10. Each time the Lord responded, "No..." if you can find that many, the cities will be spared.
Read on in ch.19, and it becomes obvious that the "10" could not be found, for we are told that both cities were destroyed. V.24: "The Lord poured down on Sodom and Gomorra sulfur and fire... out of heaven... and the next morning... Abraham came to the place... and saw smoke rising from the earth as though from a furnace." So ended the city of Sodom, remembered today by the word "sodomy," which in a typical dictionary is defined as, "Unnatural sexual activity, especially of one man with another..."
Or, consider Jeremias, ch.5 for example, where Jeremias is told by God, "Go about the streets of Jerusalem and see...if you can find a man, (ONE MAN!), that executeth judgment, and seeketh faith, then I will be merciful to it." But later, v.7, God tells Jeremias, "How can I be merciful to thee? Thy children hath forsaken me, and swear by them that are not gods... and shall not my soul take revenge on such a nation?" And in v.15, we read, "Behold, I will bring upon you a nation from afar... a strong nation...they shall devour thy sons and thy daughters..." Does this not imply that no single man could be found??
And what about the New Testament, where in virtually every gospel can be found the Lord saying, "Ask anything in my name, (or the name of my Father) and it will be given to thee."?
And there I submit is a suggestion concerning what any individual can do about all these
concerns! If one boy can determine the outcome of a tug of war like discussed in RNR #8, why not believe that the fervent prayer of even a few more people might be sufficient to turn the tide in the struggles, which are going on today!!!   For is not God really in charge? And could you and me be among those few???
Jake Wren

Learn from the Past
My kids ask me, “Dad, when will I ever use stuff I learn in history class in real life?”  My response, “We need to learn from the past so we don’t repeat the same mistakes.”
These are words I remember from Mr. Wren’s government class over 26 years ago.  I remember sitting in his class and trying to figure out what this means and how it related to me.  
Jake’s recent letter to the editor is spot on.  The government is resorting to LEGAL PLUNDER to take money out of the hard working American public and providing it to the administration’s rich backers.  
Last year, $11.26B of government subsides went to the solar and wind industry which combined delivered only 4.5% of US electricity.  In comparison, the coal industry generated $1.2B in revenue to the government and delivers 40% of US electricity.  The administration is using the “Global Warming” platform as a means to provide for a select few through allocation of our tax dollars.
Some say, this is worth the cost for the benefit of our environment.  What isn’t talked about is the technology that captures carbon dioxide from coal fired power plants and could be applied to industrial use.  If we truly wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and continue to benefit from cheap/reliable energy, the above mentioned subsides should be applied to this technology. 
I am concerned we are falling into the “Simpson Cycle” that Jake mentioned in his letter.  The nation’s energy needs are ever growing and I am concerned we will not have the supply to meet the demand.  We are definitely in the “dependency” phase here.  So please ask your legislatures to treat coal as a resource and not the problem.  We can learn from the past.
Jake, I want to thank you for being an inspiration/mentor to me over the years.  I continue to apply many of your teachings in my everyday life.
Greg Mager
Long Range Planning
Cloud Peak Energy 

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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