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Redneck Review
No. 35 12/21/15
In our last several reviews, a brief look has been taken at socialism, capitalism, Keynesian, the power of prayer, the potential power of each individual to impact the world around us, and other related ideas. Also, mention has been made of the claimed appearances of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, according to the Christian tradition which has played a fundamental role in the founding and formation of our country!
A close look at these topics and the several others which have been considered tend to suggest a fundamental difference in the way human nature and each individual is viewed. On the one hand, some might call the more old-fashioned idea, is that each individual is unique, given life by an all-mighty creator, is given the power of free choice, and the responsibility for actions taken. It is further agreed by this group, that life does not end with our earthy death, but the soul part of each person will live on forever, with appropriate reward or punishment at the end for the kind of life lived here.
The modern "progressive" notion tends to put more emphasis on society as a whole, and places a greater emphasis on the role of government and central organizations for improving the welfare of the masses. Income equality, equal education and medical care for all, are just some of the modern buzz words, with the end result, that life here on earth takes on a greater importance, and thoughts of the hereafter are ignored, or downplayed, or even ridiculed. Also, there is certainly an obvious shift of responsibility from the individual to the state or government for the welfare of the people involved.
Into this picture comes the date, December 25, when for centuries, the birthday of the biblical and historic Christ is celebrated. Businesses shut down, schools are closed, and the  purchase and giving of gifts generates an almost frantic weeks of activity which impact virtually every individual and family.
But the more modern or progressive individual has a different notion of the date and its importance and how it is to be celebrated. Sure, the giving of gifts, and the parties are still approved, but the term "Christmas" is to be avoided, giving way to substitutions like "Xmas, Winter Holidays..." or other substitutions, which have their central purpose, the elimination of the celebration of the birthday of Christ!
Some historians have gone so far as to suggest that B.C. and A.D. be eliminated and are to be replaced with B.C.E. and C.E. (before the common era and the common era). J. R. McNeill, historian and author has the following to say about the suggestion: 
"Our calendar is based on the birth of Christ; all years before have traditionally been designated B.C. and those after, A.D., an abbreviation for the Latin term anno Domini which means 'in the year of the Lord.' The change was made to mask the Christian basis for the dating system and presumably make it more palatable to non-Christians."
The crazy thing about the proposed designations is that the B.C.E and C.E. still use the time of Christ for their numeration system! Hence 2015 A.D. now becomes 2015 C.E.! I submit that this crazy idea is just more of the same nonsense we get from progressives on many other issues! Thus it bodes well for all of us to stick to the more traditional and older notions not only of Christmas but of the other theories as well! So here is wishing a Christ filled and very MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all!!!
Jake Wren

To the Editor,
When did elected leaders become so free with other people’s money (taxes) self-appointing themselves as providers of “do-gooder” charities?  Is it because we who elected them want handouts because we are too lazy to face insecurity and risk?  
Early colonists, settlers, and ranchers of the Rockies spent portions of their time defending and protecting crops, animals, and land from wild animals, ruffians ….  By necessity they inherently protected their property, the fruit of their labor.  Because it was impossible to always stay home to protect their life’s efforts, they would often elect a sheriff.  The moment that the people granted or partnered their protective right is the moment that “government” was formed.  It formed, with an elected sheriff, by the people, who have the inherent right to defend their lives, liberty, and property.  Incidental to the function of this “government” rose elected legislatures and courts to settle disputes of life, liberty, and property at local (Sheriff), state (Governor) and national (President) levels.  (It also established a monetary system and weights and measures that rendered money judgements and taxes to operate such courts and activities pertaining only to these matters to assist the people to protect their life’s efforts).
As new states joined the original 13 state (colonies), this understanding of “government” continued. For example, Alabama’s constitution reads “That the sole object and only legitimate end of government is to protect the citizen in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property, and when the government assumes other functions it is usurpation and oppression”. (Art. 1, Sec.35).
Have “We the People” drifted from our intent of elected Sheriffs at local, state and national levels?  Originally “We the People in order to form a more perfect union….” created a national Sheriff or President to assist in protecting life, liberty, and property from foreign ruffians.  He and congress only had the limited, proxy power granted to him and them by “We the People”, to protect life, liberty and property from foreign despots.  
The answer to “have we drifted” is in the observation of the use of our taxes.  Is our money given as taxes, locally, statewide, or nationally used as a partnership to assist protecting our life, liberty, and property, or is our money, especially nationally being generously spent for “do-gooder” charities which benefit only select citizens in the name of “charities” called welfare, immigration/refugees, certain farm and school programs, and businesses (including planned parenthood and those “in the name of defense”).  These expenditures are so removed from the original intent that it’s embezzlement from taxpayers.  These have grown so large that people don’t recognize it any more (or don’t want to recognize it) because we or our business receive handouts.  
“We the People” should take a hard look at ourselves, our degree of self-justification and laziness.  Yes we should support Sheriffs (Sheriff, Governors, President), as granted by the people to assist protecting their life’s efforts.  But we should never allow elected legislators to shuttle our money outside the original purpose to “welfares” or “charities”.  If so, favoritism enters, corruption multiplies causing all us, by law, to donate to charities that benefit only a few. 
Social issues are solved though individual responsibility of prevention and self-discipline.  We’d be freer, young or old, male or female, light or dark skinned, if we’d cast off laziness and provided for ourselves and our families (married or not).  But how many of us don’t want to give up the easy money of “government charity programs”?   
Scott Perrin
Cottonwood, Idaho

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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