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Redneck Review
No. 38  1/11/1016
Last week, a PEW survey appearing on my computer asked the following questions about global warming and climate change: Is it a problem, Will it ever be a problem, and How concerned are you about it? My personal answers were No, No, and Not at all!
And following are some of the reasons I stick stubbornly by those answers!
Immediately one can cite the Tribune itself! A careful reading of last week's climate series, produces all kinds of contradictory information. On the one hand is the claim "We know we are going to see temperatures increase over time", and climate change will cause an uptick in disturbances across the states 'green zones'," and "more fires."
But, found there also are claims of above normal snow falls on ski courses around the area. And zero weather for Seattle's playoff game sets an all time NFL playoff record!
And a casual survey of a week's weather forcast comparing current weather with cold and hot records in the past shows extremes both higher and lower than current ones!
Hey! Run a Google search of weather patterns over the past, and you get hundreds of graphs of weather cycles, alternating warm periods interspersed with cold periods! Just plug in "ice age periods" and you will see a warm period during the Roman Empire, then an extremely cold period during the "Dark Ages," followed by a very warm period peaking around 1300. Wow! Then comes the "Little Ice Age" from roughly 1400 to 1800. Another warm peak is expected over the following 200 or more years!
One of these many graphs shown puts the warmest period in the last 2500 years peaking around 1100 B.C., and claims the cycles are caused by increases and decreases in solar irradiation and volcanic activity! Look hard and you will find the quote "At least 75 major temperature swings in the last 4500 years!" And none because of carbon fuel emissions!
Another graph shows "alternating climatic warming and cooling has occurred about every 27 years since 1470 A.D., well before atmospheric CO2 began to increase." And still another graph of alternating warm and cool periods projects the end of a warm period from 1975 to about 2000 will be followed by a cool period lasting through 2020 and beyond!
Do your own research! You will find HUNDREDS of graphs showing long term and short term cycles of cool and warm periods, and amazing similarity among them all. I was much impressed by the "little ice periods" which shows up on many of the graphs, reminding me of the claim one heard during my younger days about a coming "ice age!" 
And what about the Los Alamos Lab-Montana State computer simulator which predicted boldly in the 1960's that gas and oil reserves would be totally exhausted by 2000, and if action was not taken to reduce population growth or consumption, total disaster would result! Econ teachers my age were exposed to these dire predictions in the 1960's!!!
And what about the "Petition Project" signed by 31,072 scientists years ago, that asked the U.S. government to reject the Kyoto, Japan global warming agreement, adopted on Dec. 11, 1997, because "There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of...greenhouse gases is causing catastrophic heating... of the Earth's atmosphere" (The U.S. did not sign, and dropped out in 2001!!!)
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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