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7th Weekly Update 2016
Jan. 12 Ė Apr. 8, 2015
Veto Bill, SJR.101, states that if the Governor vetoes a bill after the legislature has adjourned, the Speaker of the House and the Pro Temp of the Senate can request the Governor to call the legislature back into session to reconsider the vetoed bill.    At this time, only the Governor may call the legislature back into session.  The Governor has six days to sign or veto a bill before it becomes law without his signature.   Many laws passed by the legislature do not reach the governorís desk before we leave Boise.  This happened after the session in 2011, when the governor vetoed H298 (which I cosponsored) that restricted the operability of Obamacare.   Most states have this override veto power.  If this Veto bill passes the House, you will have the opportunity to vote on it in November.   I am in full support of this bill.
EMS Bill, S.1281, would align the licensing of EMS in Idaho with a national standard. This would be overseen by an interstate commission. The requirements that an individual must meet in order to obtain a license to practice EMS vary considerably from state to state. This variability between states makes state-to-state EMS licensure reciprocity virtually impossible.  This bill would include legal recognition for licensed EMS personnel from Idaho and other member states to legally provide EMS at large-scale emergencies such as wild land fires and allow licensed EMS personnel from communities along the Idaho border to legally provide EMS in bordering member states without having to maintain licensure in both states.  This bill passed the Senate unanimously.
F & G bill, S 1344, is to provide a process for the Fish and Game to contract with an independent business to conduct drawings for tags for controlled hunts.  This must be done on a computer system that awards permits randomly.   I cosponsored this bill.  It passed the Senate.
In Finance, we are voting on budgets.  Many budgets are easy to vote for.  However, the Medicaid and Welfare Budget I could not vote for because some entitlements are not necessary.  I also did not support the Fish and Game Budget because of the Clagstone Project, which requires purchasing a perpetual easement for a game and timber reserve for $2million from Fish and Game and $5 million from the Dept of Lands.  
Oil and Gas bill, SB 1339, caused a lot of controversy.   This bill streamlines the permitting process for drilling permits from over 400 days to 45 to 60 days.  This brings clarity to the public who own the mineral rights, the state, and the developers.   If you own property, you might want to see if you own both the surface rights and the mineral rights (those below the surface).   There is a process called pooling or integration that is used to help owners make decisions in drilling and protects their rights.  The state actually owns most mineral rights.   I supported this bill.
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