Riener wins Spelling Bee
Prairie Elementary held their annual school spelling bee on February 25th.  Eleven students from grades 3-8 participated. Taylor Riener placed first and Tara Schlader came in second.  It took 19 rounds to get a first place winner.  Taylor and Tara went back and forth until round 19 when Taylor correctly spelled the word "tonsils"  to capture first place.  
Taylor is the daughter of Shaun and Lisa Riener of Cottonwood.  She will go on to compete in the Regional Spelling Bee held in the LCSC Williams Conference Center, on Saturday March 5th at 1:30 pm. 
Classroom Spelling Bee Participants were:
3rd Grade - Jake Quintal, Carter Shears
4th Grade - Taylor Riener, Alli Geis
5th Grade - Carlee Pikus, Tara Schlader
6th Grade - Chase Kaschmitter, Bailey Hankerson
7th Grade - Dalton Ross, Hope Schwartz
8th Grade - Tajh Branson
Classroom winners unable to participate were:  Isabella Walsh, and Tage Perrin

Shown are the top two winners of the Prairie Spelling Bee held on Thursday, Feb. 25 at Prairie Elementary School. At left is runner-up Tara Schlader while at right is Taylor Riener, the overall winner. Riener will compete at the Regional Spelling Bee in Lewiston on Saturday. Photo by Rene’ Forsmann.

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